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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 225156

Position Summary:
High Impact Practice (HIP) facilitator for nine Biocore courses with responsibilities for online course management and support through Canvas, Biocore program recruitment and and alumni communication, and coordination of peer advising, alumni and outreach activities.

Principal duties:
Course Support - 60%

- Creating and maintaining Biocore Canvas course sites
- Technical consultant for Biocore instructors and TA's
- Provide active learning support for Biocore courses using content knowledge
- Serve as copy editor with content development for the Pressbook Process of Science Companion series

Recruitment & Advising - 25%

- Coordinate Biocore Peer Advisors (e.g. training, serve as Biocore advising representative)
- Assist in recruitment of prospective Bioore students (e.g. meet with prospective students and develop recruitment emails)
- Create and maintain campus connections with professional advisors, program directors, and campus outreach partners
- Assist in editing Biocore Honors Certificate Guide page and maintain consistency with other program literature
- Design and update 4-year plans, brochures, and other program literature according to changes in Biocore.

Program Communication: Website, Newsletter & Social Media - 15%

- Biocore Webmaster: website content creation, organization & updates
- Social media management (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIN to facilitate connections between students & alumni)
- Design & write Biocore Newsletter

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