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PVL # 225136

Position Summary:
The La Follette School is highly ranked among graduate degree public policy programs and enjoys a worldwide reputation for research and teaching. Its outreach activities - conferences, symposia, classes, seminars, and programs - bring together policy professionals, academics, students, and government leaders - all under the auspices of the Wisconsin Idea.

The Public Affairs Outreach Specialist will assist with planning and implementing outreach activities, including, but not limited to: virtual events, public conferences on high-interest policy topics, public and academic research events, alumni engagement, legislative trainings, symposia, seminars, and partnerships with nonpartisan organizations and campus partners; and by coordinating event logistics such as virtual platforms and facilitation, venue reservations, catering, registration, signage, handouts, and other details.

Principal duties:
Under the supervision of the Director of Outreach, the Public Affairs Outreach Specialist will:
1) Assist with planning, coordinating, facilitating and communicating School-sponsored events and special projects. The La Follette School outreach team is tasked with raising the School's public profile, developing partnerships with organizations on and off campus, and increasing the number of high-profile speakers the La Follette School brings to campus. The Public Affairs Outreach Specialist is expected to collaborate with outreach staff in all aspects of outreach and communications with a wide range of audiences. (75%)
2) Assist with implementing the La Follette School's communication strategy by writing impactful website content, social media content, promotional materials, electronic communications, research-focused publications, and other print documents that illustrate how La Follette School faculty, students, alumni, and staff extend the practice of the Wisconsin Idea across the state and around the world through their research, teaching, and other activities. (20%)
3) Complete other duties as assigned by the Director of Outreach or the La Follette School Director or Associate Director. (5%)

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