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PVL # 224994

Position Summary:
The Waisman Center is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about human development, developmental disabilities, and neurodegenerative diseases throughout the lifespan. One of 14 centers of its kind in the United States, the Waisman Center encompasses laboratories for biomedical and behavioral research, a brain imaging center, and a clinical biomanufacturing facility for the production of pharmaceuticals for early stage human clinical trials. In addition to its research efforts, the Center provides an array of services to people with developmental disabilities, offers numerous educational and outreach programs to young children and their families, and trains scientists and clinicians who will serve our nation in the future.

The position is a staff member within the Developmental Disabilities and Genetics Clinical Services work unit and will be primarily assessment-focused within an interdisciplinary outpatient setting for children referred for neurodevelopmental evaluations. This position may also provide clinical intervention services and behavioral consultation for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities and their families. Other responsibilities may include the supervision of psychology trainees and collaboration on research related to neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Principal duties:
(90%) Direct Clinical Services
- Conduct developmental and cognitive assessments with children and youth with or at-risk for developmental disabilities using the standardized instruments such as: Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2 Bayley Scales of Infant Development - 4, Mullen Scales of Early Learning, Stanford-Binet, DAS, Wechsler scales, Adaptive Behavior Assessment Scales, Third Edition, Behavior Assessment Scales for Children, Third Edition.
- Review records and make preparations for interdisciplinary (ID) or discipline-only clients; collaborate with interdisciplinary team members to conduct diagnostic evaluations and therapeutic services.
- Document clinical services in compliance with Waisman Center and American Family Children's Hospital (AFCH) requirements, including electronic medical records, interdisciplinary recommendations, and other documentation as required.
- Provide consultation and technical assistance to families and community service providers based on the results of comprehensive evaluations.

(5%) Participate in research activities
- Collaborate on research related to neurodevelopmental disabilities.

(5%) Perform other duties to support the core functions of the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
- Provide training to interdisciplinary trainees, including psychology trainees, as needed during clinical activities.
- Assist in preparation of grant and contract applications.
- Foster coordinated planning and programming with others in the Waisman Center UCEDD and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC).
- Explore opportunities to become involved in Center-based research initiatives and become involved as opportunities are made available, and time and resources permit.

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