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PVL # 224925

Position Summary:
Data Management and Curation: Environmental Science and Ecology. Our lab is looking for a highly organized individual to coordinate data curation across multiple projects. Research at the EnSpec (Townsend) Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison utilizes a range of in situ and remote measurement technologies to characterize the status and functioning of vegetation. Research is conducted using spectral measurements on the ground, in the lab, and from drones, airplanes and satellites. We also collect other measurements on the ground of various surface or vegetation properties. Our group manages a number of drones, as well as instruments flown on state of Wisconsin airplanes. Our main research questions focus on testing the drivers of vegetation function, including environmental factors, disease, and evolutionary processes, using spectral data to link across observational scales from the leaf to globe.

Relevant to this position, we manage two open-source NASA-supported repositories for archiving spectral data (Ecological Spectral Information System, and for archiving code used to analyze such data (Ecological Spectral Model Library, EcoSIS is an online database that contains various types of ecological spectral datasets and is open to everyone. EcoSML is a model library that houses models used to predict properties from given spectra. 50% of the position will be focused on curation of EcoSIS and EcoSML databases, including data summaries and syntheses, reviewing metadata, working with contributors, testing website functionality, and associated reporting. The other 50% of the position will be focused on data management and synthesis for a new NSF-funded Biology Integration Institute (BII), including managing project data collection activities, metadata documentation, data curation, data organization across multiple collaborators, and associated reporting. Depending on experience, the position could also include participation in data collection and analysis

Principal duties:
25% - Manage data contributions to EcoSIS online spectral library, including review of metadata from user submissions, interactions with contributors, and assignment of DOIs to submissions
15% - Manage user contributions to EcoSML model repository, including review of metadata from user submissions, interactions with contributors, and assignment of DOIs to submissions
10% - Assemble data summaries and syntheses of contributions to EcoSIS and EcoSML for analysis and reporting
25% - Manage data collection activities for Biology Integration Institute, including establishing metadata and data storage and distribution protocols
20% - Data processing, archiving, and assistance with analyses associated with data collection as needed
5% - Submit data and metadata to appropriate open-source repositories

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