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PVL # 224762

Position Summary:
WIPAC is a research center in the University of Wisconsin-Madison with responsibility for the IceCube Neutrino
Observatory, a kilometer-scale neutrino detector located at the South Pole. A collaboration of more than 300 scientists from over forty research institutions worldwide conducts a research program to study high-energy neutrinos from cosmic sources. UW-Madison is responsible for the Maintenance & Operation of the observatory. Details can be found at

This position will serve as the Quality and Safety Manager for the IceCube M&O upgrade.

Principal duties:
- Collaborate with IceCube Upgrade project staff (including engineering and manufacturing) to implement Quality and Safety Systems needed to successfully deploy instrumentation at the South Pole. This includes document control, configuration management and corrective / preventive action plans. (70%)
- Conduct safety analysis of hardware and software devices that include design reviews, hazard analysis and preparation of reports and documentation. (20%)
- Provide Quality and Safety oversight and guidance to IceCube M&O. (10%)

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