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PVL # 224758

Position Summary:
The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs reports to the Dean of the School of Nursing (SoN) and serves as the Chief Academic Officer for the SoN. The Associate Dean works to advance the quality and integrity of the SoN's academic programs, providing strategic vision for current curricula and future curriculum development; implementing processes and procedures to support accreditation processes; and overseeing the implementation, assessment, and promotion of all academic programs. The Associate Dean is responsible for providing overall leadership and oversight for matters related to academic affairs, including innovation, technology, fiscal management, and faculty and student success in the SoN. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will also be expected to contribute to the tripartite mission of the school: teaching, research, and service.

Principal duties:
Core responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

* Provides leadership and administrative authority for personnel within the Office of Academic Affairs.
* Works in collaboration with the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs to ensure smooth operations for student affairs and career services.
* Serves as a liaison between Academic Affairs staff and faculty.
* Collaborates with Associate Deans, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, and Program Directors, and faculty to determine teaching assignments across all academic programs.
* Actively engages with the faculty to maintain excellence in the delivery of academic programs.
* Establishes procedures, initiatives, and programs that reflect a commitment to inclusive excellence among faculty, students, and staff.
* Directs the review and program approval processes as required by the Provost's Office and by regulatory and accrediting bodies.

* Oversees academic program planning and development, curriculum administration and revision, new program development and implementation, and matters related to undergraduate and graduate programs using benchmark data to measure academic performance against best practices.
* Oversees student recruitment and admissions, academic and career advising, financial aid and awards, maintenance and verification of student records, clinical placements and affiliation agreements, and general student services.
* Collaborates with Assistant Dean for Institutional Affairs to lead marketing and promotional efforts for academic programs.
* Collaborates with the Associate Deans for Faculty Affairs and Administrative Affairs to recruit, hire, and retain faculty consistent with the strategic and fiscal needs of the School.
* Works closely with the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs to foster student-centered and evidence-based faculty development that enhances the teaching and learning experience.
* Effectively guides the utilization of resources and directs the budgets that support the academic programming for the School.
* Works in close partnership with other SoN academic and administrative leaders to foster collaboration and build an intentional culture as well as implement process improvements, planning, and program decisions.
* Administers the student appeals and grievance processes for the Dean of the School.
* Submits or facilitates the submission of funding proposals to support academic programs and educational research.
* Leads SoN initiatives in support of innovation in pedagogy, curriculum, and instructional design.
* Oversees the SoN summer session, including review and approval of courses offered, working closely with other departments and divisions on campus.
* Serves as a member and/or resource person to SoN and University committees, task forces, and work groups.
* May provide instruction in courses and/or mentorship to students in areas aligned with expertise across academic programs

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