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PVL # 224602

Position Summary:
This position primarily reviews, approves, and advises on a variety of complex financial transactions. Lead purchaser of equipment and supplies for the department. Reconciles transactions. Maintains financial records, provides administrative processing support, and provides customer service for employees across the department. Recommends controls and process improvements and troubleshoots complex purchasing and financial errors.

The Department of Integrative Biology consists of 65 faculty and staff members, as well as a large number of employees in training, graduate, and undergraduate employees. The department has 1,300+ undergraduate majors in Biology (L&S), Molecular and Cell Biology, Neurobiology, and Zoology, teaches thousands of students in our introductory biology courses, and has top ranked graduate programs in the areas of Zoology and Freshwater Marine Science. Annually, the department receives funding from multiples sources including General Purchase Revenue (GPR), UW Foundation Gifts, Trust Funds, Federal Grants and Industrial Gifts.

Principal duties:
25% - Purchase supplies and equipment on behalf of department. Monitors financial transactions and fund balances and generates and reconciles complex reports and statements in accordance with established rules and regulations.

15% - Drafts communications and reports and maintains organization of varied records to provide administrative support within the department.

15% - Reviews and approves complex transactions and assigns funding codes in accordance with established rules, regulations, and policies. Reallocates expenses to appropriate funding strings.

15% - Answers complex fiscal and purchasing questions and provides information based on set materials and standards to all department employees.

10% - Coordinate mail and shipment of items to/from department.

10% - Reviews transaction processing internal controls and recommends policies and procedures.

5% - Provide training to department employees on financial processes and best practices.

5% - Serve as a unit liaison to leadership providing financial advice, recommendations, and financial status updates.

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