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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 224563

Position Summary:
The Police Officer is a sworn law enforcement position under the general direction of a ranking officer or supervisor. Police Officers must be capable of providing a full range of law enforcement services. They enforce laws, investigate complaints, investigate incidents which may have an impact on the University, maintain order, assist people, identify criminal activity, apprehend and arrest offenders, identify the source of problems in the community and work with the community to resolve issues. All Police Officers in permanent status are expected to have the ability to conduct complex investigations, collect physical evidence and assist less senior officers in similar circumstances. Police Officers must be capable of preparing complete written reports of all investigation and testifying regarding those reports when necessary. Police officers must maintain a high level of proficiency and good judgment in the use of police equipment including the handling and use of firearms consistent with the laws of the State of Wisconsin and Department Written Directives. Police officers should be capable of working in cooperation with officers from other agencies and effectively partner with persons from other University departments, mental health and social services agencies. Police officers may be required to participate in crowd control and dignitary protection details. Experienced Police Officers may be selected to serve as Police Training Officers, Evidence Technicians or Community Officers, in which cases additional training is normally provided. Experienced Police Officers may also be assigned to specialty units such as Court Services, Crime Prevention, Personnel and Training, Emergency Management, Infrastructure Security or the Detective Bureau.

UW-Madison Police Department employees will support the Department's vision and mission by operating in a fair, unbiased manner which respects the rights, safety and dignity of all individuals. As a Department employee, your everyday actions will be guided by the Department┬┐s values of Honor, Integrity, Guardians, Health, Empathy and Respect (Reaching HIGHER) and be grounded in the highest ethical and professional standards. UW-Madison Police Department employees are expected to take an active role in creating and maintaining a positive, welcoming and inclusive work environment. Employees will assist or participate on an as-needed basis with the Department┬┐s recruiting, hiring and diversity efforts and the onboarding of new employees in the work unit. Department employees are expected to work in partnership with the campus and area communities to provide leadership in solving community problems, preventing crime and providing a safe environment to fulfill the mission of the University.

Principal duties:
-Provides protection of life, property, and the preservation of peace and good order and provides emergency aid to the community in and immediately around UW-Madison.

-Performs preliminary and follow-up investigations to solve crimes, identify suspects and victims, apprehend criminals, and document case information.

-Ensures the safe and orderly flow of traffic on institutional roadways and enforces traffic laws.

-Provides personal safety and crime prevention education to institutional community.

-Engages in proactive problem solving, threat mitigation, and conflict resolution for a wide range of issues and incidents involving citizens, groups, campus entities, government agencies, businesses, leaders, and others.

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