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PVL # 224351

Position Summary:
This position provides technical support to the in-patient and out-patient activities of the School of Veterinary Medicine's UW Veterinary Care (UWVC) as well as teaching and research support activities of the School. The position requires knowledge of sterile product preparation, appropriate drug therapy uses, product identification (human vs. veterinary), problem-solving abilities and communication skills. The incumbent must be able to function independently in the full realm of technical responsibilities, as well as in interactions with UWVC clients and clinicians. The position functions under the supervision of a UWVC Pharmacist.

Principal duties:
50% - Assists Pharmacist in medication order fulfillment as directed.
- Prepares inpatient and outpatient medication orders for pharmacist checking.
- Prepares and labels small and large volume sterile products.
- Compounds small batch non sterile and sterile pharmaceutical preparations following approved protocols.
- Prepares injectable chemotherapy medications; ensures proper disposal based upon OSHA guidelines.
- Processes and delivers medication and supply requests to patient and nonpatient care areas of UWVC.
- Performs other duties related to medication preparation and dispensing as directed by a Pharmacist.
- Informs Pharmacist of any problems/potential problems and possible resolutions in work area.
- Takes lead role in processing and fulfilling outpatient requests for therapeutic (prescription) diets.

25% - Assists in inventory control and management of pharmaceuticals and medical/surgical supplies and other pharmacy area duties.
- Identifies pharmaceutical items to be ordered by Purchasing Assistant based on knowledge of anticipated usage.
- Orders medical/surgical supplies from Central Supply.
- Updates inventory information into computer.
- Performs physical inventory of pharmaceuticals.
- Retrieves items and restocks Omnicells.
- Functions as a back-up to the Purchasing Assistant in his/her absence, including placing orders and receiving inventory.
- Informs pharmacist of any immediate or potential work area problems and suggests possible resolutions.
- Maintains established standards of cleanliness and orderliness for work areas, equipment, and supplies.
- Assists coworkers in non-assigned areas of pharmacy as workload demands.
- Takes lead role in coordinating with purchasing office to order and restock pet food.

10% - Communication and problem solving.
- Triage and direct calls from clients requesting prescription refills and/or changes in medications.
- Elicits information from clients on patient history and patient's response to drug therapy when necessary.
- Provides clients with information concerning prices, number of refills available, pharmacy policies, etc.
- Communicates professionally and effectively with other pharmacy personnel, UWVC clients and clinicians; if conflicts arise, resolve in a collegial manner.

10% - Maintains accurate and complete records of all Pharmacy medications and supply items.
- Maintains Pharmacy orders to ensure completeness of ordering process.
- Assists with controlled substance recordkeeping.
- Maintains inpatient, outpatient, teaching and research dispensing records and completes forms necessary to ensure clients are billed for all Pharmacy supplies and services.
- Has primary responsibility for processing all Pharmacy charge requisitions.

5% - Other duties as assigned.

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