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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 100772

Position Summary:
The Secretary of the Faculty facilitates, supports, and assists the effective functioning of the faculty's role in institutional shared governance, and serves as the primary liaison between the faculty and the administration.

Principal duties:
Report to the chancellor and to the faculty. Facilitate, support, and assist the effective functioning of the faculty's role in institutional shared governance.

Serve as the primary liaison between the faculty and the administration.

Serve as the campus resource and expert on the rules of the faculty, and related statutes, rules, procedures, and policies. Provide information, advice, and consultation to faculty, staff, students, department chairs, committee chairs, deans, directors, the provost, the chancellor, vice provost for faculty and staff, other administrators, and the public regarding these rules as well as the role and participation of the faculty in the shared governance of the institution. Work closely with the Secretary of the Academic Staff, Secretary of University Staff, and ASM Shared Governance Chair to promote shared governance across campus.

Provide advice on and assist with development, drafting, adoption, and implementation of amendments to Faculty Policies and Procedures. Provide support and advice to standing and ad hoc committees of the faculty. Coordinate appointments to university-wide committees. Maintain the master file of faculty legislation and other faculty records.

Facilitate and provide support, advice and perspective to the University Committee, the Faculty Senate, the Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities and ad hoc committees. Draft and organize meeting agendas and materials, identify and refer issues to the appropriate bodies, take minutes at meetings, draft and edit documents, record and communicate decisions and actions (making use of various information technologies), draft Faculty Senate scripts for UC chair, provide follow-up.

Represent the University Committee in the search and screen processes for the recruitment of UW- Madison academic leadership positions (deans, provost, and chancellor) by working closely with the search specialist in the office of the provost; and provides advice and perspective to the committee and to the administration, including support for identifying faculty to serve on search and screen committees.

Collaborate with the chancellor's office to ensure faculty involvement and event support of UW-Madison's winter and spring commencement ceremonies. Work with the chancellor's office, UW Foundation, Wisconsin Alumni Foundation, and University Communications to invite Honorary Degree candidates for the ceremonies and facilitate their visits to campus.

Manage the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty. Provide oversight and direction for the office's academic, classified and student staff in support of a wide variety of functions and governance activities and committees such as the Faculty Senate, the Lectures Committee, the Kemper K. Knapp Bequest Committee, the Committee on Honorary Degrees, the Teaching Awards Committee, the four divisional executive committees of the faculty, New Faculty Services, the Women Faculty Mentoring Program, the Committee on Women in the University, the Committee on Committees, and ad hoc committees, among others.

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