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PVL # 100670

Position Summary:
This position is responsible for providing support for management of the e-resource life cycle and the discovery of and access to electronic resources. Duties may include processing new orders for electronic resources, assisting with licensing, aiding in the management of electronic journal, e-book, streaming video, and database subscriptions, activating online access for electronic resources, trouble-shooting technical and subscription-related access problems, and actively working and communicating with vendors/publishers/library staff concerning electronic resources.

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Principal duties:
Reporting to the Head of Electronic Resources Management, the Electronic Resources Management Librarian assists in management of the electronic resources life cycle. Responsibilities include: licensing support; subscription renewals and maintenance; provision of access to e-resources, including troubleshooting; collecting and analyzing data and assisting with report preparation; contributing to ongoing review and documentation of workflows for efficiency and effectiveness; and staying current with emerging trends and best practices related to e-resources. Works collaboratively with staff in Acquisitions, Cataloging, Collection Development, Discovery, Technology, and Web Services, playing an integral role in supporting the management of the e-resource lifecycle. Participates on committees, task forces, and special projects as appropriate.

35% A. Electronic Resources Acquisitions and Order/Access Management
- Assist in coordinating acquisition, trials, processing, payment, renewal and cancellation activities with publishers/vendors and staff, utilizing the Alma integrated library system and other relevant systems.
- Assist Electronic Resources and other library staff, such as Cataloging, in managing activation and appropriate access and maintaining accurate information about electronic resources in all relevant systems.
- Analyze, troubleshoot and resolve issues related to electronic resource maintenance, access, payment and other performance matters, via responding to reports in dedicated e-mail account, and through other mechanisms. Assist in developing proactive methods to preempt e-resource access problems before they are reported.
- Initiate problem solving routines and strategize possible solutions.
- Support licensing activities through assisting in the set up and maintenance of electronic resources and the resolution of access problems. Research library systems and records to verify status of payment, confirm extent of access issues, and seek assistance from vendors when necessary.
- Foster a collaborative, inter-departmental approach to problem solving and decision making
- Contribute to development and documentation of procedures and effective workflows for management of electronic resources.

30% B. Licensing
- Review and negotiate license agreements with publishers/vendors to reach favorable pricing and licensing terms.
- Track and coordinate communication with vendors, and University IT and library staff on alleged violations or breaches of licensed e-resources contracts.
- Understand and effectively communicate license particulars and restrictions to library staff.
- Establish and maintain excellent publisher/vendor relationships
- Contribute to the ongoing development and implementation of policies regarding populating and providing access to licensing information in Alma.

20% C. Subscription Management/Maintenance
- Help manage processes related to purchases and subscriptions of electronic journal and databases, including vendor communication, subscription upgrades or changes, cancellations, title changes, and vendor, publisher, and aggregator changes.
- Perform e-resource tasks in Alma (update links, activation, deactivation, and other duties as needed)
- Maintain appropriate electronic resources subscription information in bibliographic records for Alma ILS, and other mechanisms for information storage.
- Monitor publisher and vendor correspondence for changes or additions to subscriptions or access policies of owned and leased electronic resources. In consultation with Acquisitions and other staff, determine course of action which may include checking Alma order and payment history; contacting subject librarians or other staff in Collection Development, LTG, and other campus libraries; and dealing directly with the vendor/publisher.
- Evaluate and process payments for electronic resources; review vendor invoices for accuracy and completeness.

10% D. Collection Development/Assessment
- Work closely with other Acquisitions staff and subject librarians to support e-collection development and collection assessment
- Assist in gathering data and statistics for external reporting, such as to ARL, ACRL, etc.

5% E. Professional Development
- Participate in professional development activities, which may include research to further the field of librarianship; committee service at the library, campus, state or national levels; publication; continuing education; and professional association activities.
- Maintain awareness of emerging issues, trends, standards, and technologies in the management of licensed electronic resources and the Library's management and discovery systems and understand how these can impact resources and services.

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