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PVL # 100379

Position Summary:
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the largest federal funder of biomedical research, yet their data show lower funding success rates for women and racial/ethnic minority grant applicants for certain award types. Gender and race bias may be operating to disadvantage women and racial/ethnic minorities in NIH's peer review process. This project involves using deep learning algorithms to mine the critiques NIH peer reviews write and video of the discussions they have about grant applications to identify potential gender and race bias in the review process.

Principal duties:
* Independently develop and implement methods for mining text and video data using deep learning algorithms
* Review background literature on NIH peer review and stereotype-based gender and race bias in review processes
* Work daily with supervisor to set daily project goals and trouble shoot, and report results bi-weekly to supervisor
* Attend weekly group meetings to report and analyze results
* Regularly produce write-ups summarizing progress and results
* Assist with or lead development of peer reviewed manuscripts and subsequent grant applications

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