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PVL # 100352

Position Summary:
WIDA, an organization within the University of Wisconsin-Madison Wisconsin Center for Education Research, provides trusted tools and resources for educators of language learners Pre-K through Grade 12 ( The Project Manager will manage a range of large-scale projects and project activities in a coordinated way.

The Project Manager is responsible for planning, executing, monitoring, and operational handoff of projects. This will include developing the scope statement and project plan, managing change requests, issues and risk management, developing the communication plan, and stakeholder management. The Project Manager may also assist other project managers with their projects. The Project Manager communicates projects' overall design and ensures stakeholders are knowledgeable about the scope, specific project requirements or needs, and their roles and responsibilities. They will coordinates project activities within and across teams; manage interdependencies among components and determine optimal approaches to achieving project goals and benefits.

Given the scope of work for this role, the position will be required to live in or relocate to the Madison area (remote employment is not an option). Visit for more information on what Madison has to offer.

WIDA has a deep and profound commitment to diversity both as an end in itself and as a valuable means for success in the field of education. As such, we strongly encourage applications from candidates who foster and promote the values of diversity and inclusion.

Principal duties:
* Assist in the development of project charters and related documents for supporting the project.
* Develop and maintain the project management plan which include plans for scope, schedule, resource, stakeholder, communication, cost, and risk.
* Proactively inform and consult stakeholders.
* Use project management software and tools to break down the project, identify and set dependencies, estimate resources needed, and provide an overall project timeline.
* Monitor the project, track progress and report on project performance to project sponsors and internal and external stakeholders
* Build effective collaboration, teamwork, and working relationships within and across departments.
* Schedule and conduct regular project team meetings.

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