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PVL # 100260

Position Summary:
This position is located in the Environmental Health Division of the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) which serves as the public, environmental, and occupational health laboratory for the State of Wisconsin.

The person hired for this position will work in the Environmental Toxicology unit to analyze freshwater diatom samples collected from rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands to identify and enumerate specimens; document taxa with digital images; perform QA/QC analyses; and prepare reports. Additional responsibilities include analyzing samples for aquatic invasive species, conducting toxicity tests on water and sediment samples, maintaining records, making entries of quality assurance activities, and participating on a toxicological research team.

The employee in this position is expected to use the tools and principles of quality management in performing their daily work including the following: demonstrate exceptional customer service by establishing and maintaining effective professional relationships with other colleagues, supervisors, and all customers and partners; provide constructive feedback for the purpose of continuous improvement in a manner that is supportive of the State Laboratory of Hygiene and its mission; use effective team skills to contribute to the efficient operation of the work unit; present ideas, carry out assignments, and provide information as required; participate in continuous learning through professional development activities.

Principal duties:
50% Identify and enumerate diatoms in freshwater samples collected primarily from rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands.

Prepare field-collected freshwater diatoms for cell counts (i.e., cleaning diatoms and preparing permanent microscope slides). Curate digital images of diatom specimens. Stay current with taxonomical techniques and literature. Maintain and manage database of current diatom names and related documentation. Create and manage database of results and prepare reports using laboratory information management system (LIMS). Work closely with customers to coordinate analytical requests and delivery of results. Maintain equipment. Develop and fulfill Quality Assurance/Quality Control requirements. Prepare final QA/QC reports.

25% Aquatic Invasive Species Identification.
Process aquatic samples for presence of invasive species (e.g. quagga/zebra mussel veligers and spiny water fleas) using light microscopy. Generate and review QC data and generate reports. Work closely with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) staff to coordinate sample receipt and delivery of results.

15% Work as part of a toxicological research team.
Assist in culturing aquatic organisms and conduct toxicity tests on a variety of water and sediment samples using standard and non-standard aquatic toxicity testing procedures. Collaborate with the Environmental Toxicology team on research or other projects and assist in publishing results in peer reviewed journals. Present work at regional and national meetings. Train others in methods as required.

10% Quality control and quality assurance (QA/QC)
Ensure QA/QC principles are followed. Generate and review QC data in support of diatom analyses, invasive species, and culturing and toxicity testing of aquatic organisms. Update relevant standard operation procedures. Maintain records and make entries of quality assurance activities required for laboratory certifications.

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