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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 100227

Position Summary:
Gear Learning is located in the Wisconsin Center for Education Research and manages multiple sources of funding to support the research and development for new and existing game-based learning applications. Our vision is to serve the public as a leading center for games for impact by developing games with broad audiences, demonstrated impact and supported scale. We conduct research and development in games for impact that spans discovery to delivery, producing both technology products and human capital. The software engineer will develop software for educational games.

Principal duties:
* Managing multiple large scale projects to develop code and manage timelines.
* Developing software for use at scale - code that is written being used at a variety of levels. Some code is for use across all projects and on many platforms. Other code is use for specific instances, within specific projects.
* Build and deploy games
* Work with QA groups to find and resolve bugs
* Staying current on contemporary trends in web development and gamification by:
-attending local and online workshops
- cross-training with other local development groups
- attending relevant conferences

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