University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy ID: 108612

Job Summary:Under the supervision of the Global Health Institute (GHI) Administrative Director, the Financial Specialist will be responsible for completing financial transactions, financial management, budget oversight, and research program support, while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and compliance with UW System policies and procedures. The incumbent will work directly and independently with the Director, Associate Directors, faculty, and staff.

About GHI: The UW-Madison Global Health Institute mission is to advance equitable and sustainable health across Wisconsin and throughout the world. We view the health of individuals and populations through a holistic context of healthy places upon which public health depends-from neighborhoods and national policies, to the state of the global environment. This approach requires collaboration from across the entire campus to address health care, food security and sustainable agriculture, water and sanitation, environmental sustainability, and "one health" perspectives that integrate the health of humans, animals and the environment. GHI addresses the intertwined upstream drivers of health across sectors to discover more sustainable strategies for human well-being.


Goals and Worker Activities

A.35%Financial Processing: Payments, Purchasing, Deposits
1.Work closely with Divisional offices and Business Services to execute payments such as interdepartmental/budget transfers, PIRs, direct payments, salary and non-salary cost transfers, international wire transfers, and other financial tasks as assigned, with accuracy, timeliness and attention to detail.
2.Approve expense reports for GHI staff and visitors. Review and make corrections as needed for proper approval, including coding, accuracy, supporting documentation, appropriateness, and compliance with campus guidelines. Educate staff on how to prepare and submit reports for reimbursement in accordance with UW policies and procedures.
3.Manage major and minor purchasing and financial allocations and use of Purchasing Cards by GHI personnel. Accurately code expenses charged to staff p-cards, ensure appropriate business purpose and the required supporting documentation. Work with Divisional budget office to ensure coding and documentation are submitted by established deadlines and comply with UW Purchasing regulations and guidelines.
4.Determine appropriate sources of funding for personnel and ensure payroll charges are charged to the correct funding sources. Notify appropriate faculty and staff of any discrepancies or anticipated funding shortfalls.
5.Process deposits to UW accounts accurately and provide cash/check handling support. Advise/respond to inquiries on how to handle checks received, working with the Cash Management office as needed.
6.Process deposits and expenses connected to UW Foundation accounts. Monitor account balances regularly and prepare reports for analysis by the Institute Administrative Director and Director on a schedule that fits their needs. Work with UW Foundation and the Director of Development to ensure all private donor deposits are efficiently deposited and allocated to the proper fund.
7.Assess all transactions for allowability and appropriateness. Monitor fiscal transactions for completeness and accuracy. Identify posting errors as rapidly as possible and initiate corrective entries when necessary. Insure the proper recording of debits and credits to the accounting system and the adherence to generally accepted accounting principles and procedures.
B.35%Financial Management
1.Implement accounting systems-related policies and procedures. Interpret applicable State and University policies and procedures, disseminating relevant information to Institute staff and ensuring internal policies, procedures and processes are in compliance. Interpret, explain and advise on current, revised, or new policies.
2.Develop and maintain accurate financial data record keeping systems for Institute accounts.
3.Assist the Institute leadership with development of annual budgets, generate retrospective budget reports showing expenses on a month-to-month basis, and create spending models to illustrate GHI expenses. Manage and maintain an operating budget for salaries and fringe benefits. Collaborate as-needed with the School of Medicine and Public Health financial staff to manage financial relationships and transactions between the Institute and the SMPH Office of Global Health.
4.Generate month-by-month forecasts for current year, tracking actual income and expenditures compared to projected. Track accounts receivable and accounts payable activity.
5.Summarize, prepare, and analyze consolidated financial statements for unit activities that derive funding from multiple sources. Generate financial reports from the campus system (WISDM / WISER) as requested. Develop spreadsheet tools for multi-year budget forecasting.
6.Track and monitor grant budgets and costs. Monitor budget variances and recommend corrective actions. Forecast year-end budget status by funding sources and close accounts and purchase orders as needed at year end.
7.Maintain and manage appropriate records and account information for all financial operations and reconcile accounts with monthly budget control reports. Take appropriate action to correct any errors. Verify financial transactions and audit activities with university accounting system.
C.20%Research Program Support
1.Track all grants and awards dispersed via the GHI intramural grant programs and work with Divisional financial office and Business Services to ensure funds are allocated to the receiving units/individuals efficiently.
2.Assist in preparation of project budgets for grant proposals, working closely with Principal Investigators (PIs) and other collaborators to research anticipated project expenses for personnel, supplies, travel and other expenses. Ensure projected expenses are accurate, reasonable and allowable under UW policies & procedures.
3.Upon request from the GHI Director and faculty, and in conjunction with UW Research and Sponsored Projects, open new WISPER records for tracking incoming sponsored projects. Maintain appropriate records and financial information for all grants received.
4.Review grant award information to understand the types of expenditures allowable on the award and the reporting requirements of that award. Use that information during the analysis and reconciliation of the award expenditures.
5.Advise PIs on pace of spending, ensuring compatibility with the original budget and avoiding overdrafts and unspent balances.
D.10%Other Financial & Administrative Support
1.Manage the department MDS and DoIT accounts, and phone and data lines. Review charges and funding on a monthly basis and work with associated staff as needed to make changes.
2.Represent GHI at department, school and campus meetings related to finance.
3.Assist in event coordination as needed for annual and special events.
4.Assist with travel arrangements (flights, hotel, ground transportation) for faculty, staff and visitors as requested.
5.Assist with other Institute needs as necessary.

Knowledge and Skills

  1. Knowledge and understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and current UW business and accounting practices, financial budgeting principles, practices, and procedures.
  2. Knowledge of UW business and accounting practices and processes; regulations and restrictions on variety of account types such as revenue, gift, GPR, UW Foundation funds, UW Trust funds, Federal grants, etc.
  3. Proficiency in MS Office Suite software, especially Excel.
  4. Knowledge of UW financial management systems (SFS - WISDM/WISER, E-Reimbursement, cost transfer tool, PAT, Req Generator, etc.) preferred.
  5. Ability to analyze financial and business information and metrics to make logical forecasts, projections.
  6. Excellent interpersonal and written and oral communication skills including preparing and presenting analysis of financial information and supporting documentation.
  7. Ability to interpret and apply policies, rules, regulations, laws, and guidelines related to accounting and financial management
  8. Ability to perform tasks at a high level of detail and accuracy within established timeframes.
  9. Excellent organizational skills. Ability to plan, establish priorities and organize varied and complex tasks. Ability to adapt to and apply new and changing methods, requirements, and priorities.
  10. Excellent customer service skills and ability to work positively and collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds