Unclassified Title Guideline

Instructions for Determining
Appropriate Academic Staff or Limited Title

Because of the complexity of the academic staff titles, it will be easier if you complete each step prior to reading the directions for the next step.

Step 1

Select a Functional Area — The Functional Areas are groupings of functions by broad areas:

Clinical/Health Sciences
Information Technology
Library Services
Student Services

The Functional Areas were established to enable you to find an appropriate function more quickly and are not a part of the title.


Step 2

Select a Function — The function is the portion of the title describing the primary activity or general duties and responsibilities of the position. Carefully read the definitions in the appropriate Functional Area and choose the function that best describes the work that the position entails. Given the diversity of positions at UW Madison, the closest definition may not exactly describe the position. If it is a reasonably good fit, however, it should be used.


Step 3

Select a Prefix, if applicable — The criteria for prefixes have been divided into title groups within each title group e.g., professional, director, instructional.  Find that group in the "Prefix” section and carefully read the criteria for the prefixes. Select the prefix that best describes the level of proficiency, experience and responsibilities required in the position.


Step 4

Select Scope, if applicable — If the title (function and prefix) selected is a Director, determine the scope using your best judgment, i.e., large, medium, or small. The criteria used in determining the scope must be submitted to the dean/director. Use of the "Director, Unspecified" title is reserved only for Director positions which are unique to the extent that no other Director title adequately captures the duties and responsibilities involved. This is most common when the title relates to a unique administrative unit or involves direction of an unusual combination of administrative areas. Use of Unspecified Director and Administrative Officer titles and the assignment of scope require the advance approval by the System Office of Human Resources. The scope component for Assistant/Associate Dean, Administrative Officer, and Program Manager titles must be submitted to the Academic Personnel Office for approval.