Chapter 17

Grievances and Complaints


WHISTLEBLOWER LAW—Secs. 230-80, et seq., Wisconsin Statutes


The Wisconsin Whistleblower Law (Sections 230.80-85, Wis. Stats.) protects state employees from retaliation for disclosing information about:

To qualify for protection under the statute, an employee must disclose the protected information in writing to their immediate supervisor or to a governmental unit designated by the State of Wisconsin Equal Rights Division before sharing the information with anyone else other than an attorney, collective bargaining representative, legislator, or certain legal authorities.

The Whistleblower law prohibits the University from taking any retaliatory disciplinary action against an employee who has made a protected disclosure.  If an employee believes he or she has been the subject of retaliation, they may file a written complaint with the Equal Rights Division.  For additional information about the Whistleblower law, employees may contact the Equal Rights Division at .