Chapter 16

Leaves of Absence and Leave Benefits


Requesting/Donating Catastrophic Leave for Faculty, Academic Staff, and Limited Appointments

As stated in Unclassified Personnel Guideline 9.08, catastrophic illness is defined as "any illness, medical condition or injury that incapacitates, or is expected to incapacitate an employee or an employee's 'immediate family member,' as defined in UPG 10.01. "Eligible unclassified employees (see below) may receive or donate catastrophic leave from/to other eligible unclassified employees in any University of Wisconsin institution/campus. Unclassified employees are not allowed to receive or donate catastrophic leave from/to classified employees.

Determining Recipient Eligibility:
In order to be an eligible recipient, the faculty, academic staff, or limited appointee must satisfy the following conditions:

Donor Requirements:


Case File:
The following information must be maintained by the dean's/director's office of the recipient in a case file for each occurrence of catastrophic leave for five years. A blank Catastrophic Leave Case File may be located on the UW Madison Office of Human Resources forms page.


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Unclassified Personnel Policies and Procedures—Ch. 16.08
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