Chapter 16

Leaves of Absence and Leave Benefits



State Statute 7.33 (4)
provides that state employees may act as "election officials" without loss of pay when their election duties occur on a scheduled workday. An election official means an individual who is charged with any duties relating to the conduct of an election. This includes poll workers.


    1. An employee who requests time off to serve as an election official should complete the UW-Madison Personnel Employee Request fo Serve as an Election Official form and give it to the supervisor for approval.
    2. The employee must provide the supervisor at least seven days' notice of application for leave to serve as an election official. Employees are encouraged to make requests as soon as they know they will serve to enable the supervisor to plan for coverage.
    3. If the employee does not provide verification of the appointment at the time of the request for leave, the employing unit may request the municipal clerk to verify the appointment.
    4. The employee shall be granted off work the entire 24-hour period of each election day in which the employee serves as an election official. Attendance is without loss of pay for any scheduled working hours during this 24-hour period.
    5. The employee shall certify in writing the amount of compensation received for such service.
    6. The employing unit payroll shall deduct the amount of compensation received (#4) from the employee's pay earned for the scheduled working hours during the 24 hours the employee is on paid leave.
    7. Although OSER bulletins do not apply to unclassified employees of the university, the information provided in OSER bulletin OSER-0182-CLR/LR for classified employees is also applicable to university unclassified employees.