Chapter 15

Ethics, Political Activities, and Outside Employment



The Unclassified Staff Code of Ethics is issued by the Board of Regents and is included in the University of Wisconsin System Administrative Code (UWS 8.01). The ethical standards which are set forth are intended to prevent conflicts of interest between employees' personal interests and their public job responsibilities. It is not the board's purpose to prohibit any unclassified staff member from freely pursuing those teaching, research, professional and public services which will not result in such a conflict, nor to prohibit a staff member from accepting any compensation, fees, honoraria, or reimbursement of expenses which may be offered in connection therewith (UWS 8.01). A more complete statement of the code can be found at this URL .


Faculty rights and responsibilities can be found in chapter 8 of the Faculty Policies and Procedures.

Academic staff rights and responsibilities can be found in chapter 12 of the Academic Staff Policies and Procedures.