Chapter 14

Work Schedule



FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES—Faculty, academic staff and limited appointees are typically salaried, professional employees. As a result, these positions may require more of a time commitment than 40 hours per week (on a full-time basis) with schedules that may fluctuate.

PART-TIME EMPLOYEES—Part-time employees are expected to work approximately the number of hours (per week) resulting from multiplying their appointment percentage by 40 hours. Actual hours worked, however, will likely vary around that number. When the number of hours is consistently and significantly greater than or less than the number of hours reflected by the percentage, consideration should be given to adjusting the percentage in accordance with notice requirements. Employees who believe their schedule requires excessive or unreasonable hours should communicate their concerns to the supervisor or department chair/director.

To reflect the salaried nature of these positions, there is no campus-wide standard schedule of work. Each supervisor or employing unit has the authority to determine the schedule of individual employees.


Faculty, academic staff and limited appointees are typically salaried, professional, administrative or executive employees and are therefore exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) (see exceptions below). As a result, they are not required under federal or state law to be paid overtime or compensatory time for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week. Moreover, University policy prohibits the payment of overtime to exempt unclassified staff.

University policy allows the use of comp time only in exceptional circumstances, i.e., for positions that have to be scheduled in order to provide proper service to the customers of the unit and it is not possible to adjust the employee’s schedule in subsequent weeks. In these circumstances, the employing unit can establish a formal comp time system (for actual hours worked at straight time) with the approval of the dean’s/director’s office in consultation with the Academic Personnel Office.

When an employee works a significantly longer work week than usual, supervisors can, within reason, adjust an employee’s schedule in the weeks immediately following. This is not considered compensatory time because it is not an hour-for-hour adjustment. As a result, it falls within the normal fluctuation of an exempt position.

Academic staff and limited appointees who are paid on an hourly basis or who are not considered professional, administrative or executive under the FLSA are entitled to be paid overtime or comp time for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week. For questions about whether a position is exempt or non-exempt from FLSA, contact the Academic Personnel Office.


Academic staff and limited employees may work at home on an occasional basis with the approval of the supervisor. The Telecommuting Policy applies to situations where work at home occurs on an ongoing basis. See Unclassified Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 14.02, Telecommuting.


Although faculty, academic staff and limited appointees are salaried rather than hourly employees, sick leave used and colleague coverage provided must be reported based on a five-day standard (40 hours) under state law (Wis. Stats 40.05(4)(bp)). For this purpose only, the university standard workweek is Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If the employee has regular responsibilities scheduled outside the “standard workweek,” he/she can designate a different 40 hours of workweek for all scheduled classes, office hours, regular University meetings, etc., with the consent of the department. Alternative work schedules should be established in writing, with the acknowledgement of both the unclassified employee and his/her supervisor. See UPG 10 for more information about sick leave and colleague coverage (

It is extremely important to note that this “standard workweek” exists only for the purpose of reporting sick leave and colleague coverage. This is not a University standard for actual work hours since most faculty, academic staff and limited appointees are salaried employees who are expected to work at least 40 hours per week (on a full-time basis) with schedules that may fluctuate.