Chapter 13

Employee Health and Safety




The safety of every student, visitor, and employee is a primary consideration in every University activity. Each person who is responsible for students and employees is also responsible for their safety. If an accident occurs, this responsibility includes making an adequate investigation and taking necessary corrective action to eliminate or protect against the hazard. Each employing unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining safety standards within the unit including compliance with Wisconsin Department of Commerce rules (equivalent to OSHA rules) and other applicable regulations. All supervisory personnel need to understand their responsibility for the safety of all persons coming into their work areas. Employees are responsible for following established safety procedures and using protective equipment.


Supervisor's Responsibility

The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the workplace is safe and safety hazards and unsafe practices are identified and corrected. The responsibility includes telling others of safety problems that require the other's action to correct. The supervisor must train employees to recognize and protect against hazards in the workplace. Supervisors must also inform employees who use hazardous substances of their safe use and ensure employee access to Material Safety Data Sheets. If a supervisor observes an employee engaging in an unsafe practice, she/he must instruct the employee to follow the safety procedures and enforce compliance, if necessary. The supervisor's responsibility includes compliance with applicable Wisconsin Department of Commerce rules.

Employee's Responsibility

Each employee has the responsibility to:


Supervisors and employees shall follow established procedures for reporting accidents. In the absence of specific unit procedures, the following apply.

  1. An accident or personal injury emergency should be reported to University Police by dialing 911 from a campus phone. Call 911 for emergency response to spills of hazardous materials that are inhalation hazards or immediate threats to the environment.
  2. Employees must report all accidents to the work unit supervisor, whether or not the employee has been injured. If an injury occurs, the employee must complete the Employee's Work Injury and Illness Report (OSLP-1) (Appendix 13-A) and the supervisor must complete the Employer's First Report of Injury or Disease (WKC-12) (Appendix 13-B) and the Supervisor's Accident Analysis and Prevention Report (WKC-SUP) (Appendix 13-C), within the specified time.
  3. Persons who are not University employees should report an accident and/or injury to the nearest department office or Building Manager, who shall take responsibility for following procedures 1. and 2.
  4. Concerns about unsafe building conditions should be reported to the Building Manager. If a rapid response is needed (e.g., ice on steps), the report may be made directly to the Physical Plant Central Answering and Response Services (CARS) at 263-3333.
  5. Report any spill or release of hazardous materials to the Safety Department (262-8769). NOTE: If the spill is an inhalation hazard or an immediate threat to the sewer system or exterior environment, notify the fire department Hazmat unit (9-1-1).
  6. Direct concerns about property or liability insurance coverage to the Risk Management Office (262-0379 or 262-8926).