Chapter 8

Performance Appraisals



Academic Staff Performance Review

Academic staff shall be reviewed annually in a manner appropriate to their work setting and responsibilities. If no review document appears in an employee's personnel file, it is to be assumed that the employee's performance is at least satisfactory.

Methods of Performance Review

Units may use any method of performance review, including structured processes of periodic review or ongoing performance reviews accomplished by frequent meetings between supervisor and employee. Structured reviews may include peer review, committee review, and individual consultation. These methods usually result in written documentation.

Academic Staff may document their professional and other work-related activities by preparing an activities report, updating their curriculum vitae or job description, or preparing other forms of self-reporting. Upon request, these documents shall be placed in the employee's personnel file.

Whenever a performance review results in a document being placed in the employee's personnel file, a copy shall be given to the employee. The employee may respond in writing to any review document placed in the personnel file.

Individual Written Review at Request of an Employee

Once each year, an employee may request a written performance review from his/her supervisor regardless of the method of review used by the work unit as a whole. The request shall be in writing and should include pertinent documents, such as activity reports, updated position description, or other documents to be considered by the supervisor when conducting the review. The supervisor shall prepare a written review and provide a copy of the review to the employee and place a copy in the employee's personnel file. The staff member may prepare a written response to the performance review and place it in the personnel file.

Establishing or Changing the Method of Review

Academic staff shall participate in establishing the criteria and defining the methods of performance review to be used in the unit. These criteria and methods shall be placed on file in the offices of the dean or director. An academic staff member who disagrees with the criteria or methods of performance review may file a written statement of objection with the unit head and the dean or director.

Academic staff members of a unit may request the criteria and methods of performance review be changed. Academic staff of the unit shall participate in developing and implementing the changes.


Academic Staff Policies and Procedures (ASPP) Chapter 10.