Chapter 4

Reviewing and Interviewing Applicants




The employing department must obtain authorization to reimburse applicants for interview expenses through appropriate channels (department/dean) prior to beginning the interview process. The authorizing memo should be written at the time the PVL is posted. An authorizing memo from the dean or director is necessary for reimbursement and processing of direct payment. (Positions at or above the dean/director level also must have the Provost’s approval.)

The following should be considered to ensure that allowing reimbursement is in the best interest of the UW-Madison:

  1. Job market supply and demand for skills of the prospective employee;
  2. Incentive for prospective candidates to interview for the position with or without reimbursement;
  3. Other reasons unique to the department or school.

Consideration may be given to partial reimbursement, but all candidates must be given the same reimbursement consideration.


Payment to Individual Report (PIR): A Payment to Individual Report should be prepared for each interviewed applicant by the employing department in order to obtain reimbursement through the Office of Business Services. Instructions for completing the PIR can be found at The report must comply with UW System Travel Regulations, which can be accessed on the Business Services Accounting Services page at


For detailed information on reimbursement for interview expenses, including meals for candidates and reimbursement for spouses of finalists, see the Office of Business Services publication: UW System Financial Policy and Procedures Paper (FPPP) #36.