Chapter 4

Reviewing and Interviewing Applicants


Layoff Reappointment Rights for Academic Staff Employees


If an academic staff vacancy occurs in the same operational area where there have been layoffs during the last three years and the duties to be performed by the person filling the vacancy are reasonably comparable to the duties performed by persons laid-off, the prospective employing department/unit must first offer the position to those persons in layoff status before considering any other candidates [§ 36.21, Stats., UWS 12.09, and ASPP Chapter 5].


Any UW-Madison academic staff member reappointed within three years after layoff to reasonably comparable duties within the same operational area shall be reappointed with a salary rate at least equivalent to the salary rate when laid off, together with such other rights and privileges which may have accrued during that time [see UWS 12.10 and ASPP 5.08].

To be considered for reappointment in the same operational area, an academic staff member in layoff status must notify the Academic Personnel Office as to his/her location, employment status and desire to pursue reappointment. Failure to provide such notification shall terminate the academic staff member’s reappointment rights [see UWS 12.09 and ASPP 5.07].


For more detailed and specific information, consult ASPP 5, UWS 12, and § 36.21 Stats.