Chapter 4

Reviewing and Interviewing Applicants


Referral Priority for Layoffs and Long-term Nonrenewed Academic Staff Employees


Long-term* academic staff employees who are nonrenewed for funding loss, budget, or program reasons, as well as academic staff on layoff status or on notice of layoff, have the right of referral priority to all academic staff vacancies for which they may reasonably qualify [ASPP Chapter 3.05, ASPP Chapter 5.08].


Requests for referral priority shall be made to prospective employing departments/units prior to the posting of position vacancies and the commencement of the UW-Madison academic staff recruitment process.  Prospective employing departments/units are asked to consider these persons before considering any other candidates.  Waiver of the open recruitment process is granted for any vacancies filled through referral priority [ASPP Chapter 3.05, ASPP Chapter 5.08].

A long-term academic staff employee nonrenewed due to funding loss, budget, or program reasons may exercise his/her right to referral priority from the date of written notification of nonrenewal until the end of his/her appointment.  A member of the academic staff with a fixed term appointment on layoff status has the right to continue receiving referral priority for three years from the date of layoff providing he/she notifies the Academic Personnel Office quarterly as to his/her location, employment status and desire to pursue referral priority.  Failure to provide such notification shall serve to terminate the academic staff member’s rights to referral priority [see ASPP Chapter 5.07].


For more detailed and specific information, consult ASPP Chapter 3 and ASPP Chapter 5.

* Long-term is defined as six or more years of academic staff service at UW-Madison within the prior seven years.