Chapter 3

Job Vacancies



Placement by the Employing Department

An employing department may wish to submit a newspaper ad to attract additional applicants. To further enlarge the pool of candidates, consideration should be given to advertising in a variety of other publications and/or contacting a variety of professional organizations. (see 1.1 Badger Connections in the OHR Recruitment Toolkit at this website: NOTE: Do not advertise until the PVL has been released for open recruitment; subsequent changes prior to APO’s approval may require re-advertisement.

Contents of the Ad

A newspaper ad should contain the same basic information as stated in the PVL, and will normally include the following:

  1. TITLE—The official title is preferred; however, the working title may be used.
  2. MINIMUM DEGREE REQUIRED AND OTHER QUALIFICATIONS —These must be consistent with those listed on the PVL.
  3. SALARY—Salary may be listed as a minimum, a range, or a fixed amount; or, the statement “commensurate with qualifications” may be used. If salary is specified, it must be consistent with the salary listed on the PVL.
  4. PERCENT TIME —The percent time stated should be consistent with the PVL.
  5. DUTIES—Duties listed should be a summary of principal duties listed on the PVL.
  6. NAME AND ADDRESS OF CONTACT PERSON —A statement should be included indicating to whom the application should be made, e.g., “Send resume with letter of application to _____________.”
    NOTE: Put PVL # in ad if the Academic Personnel Office is listed as a contact.
  7. APPLICATION DEADLINE —Must be the same as the date on the PVL.
  8. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT —The following statement must be included: “UW-Madison is an Equal Opportunity Employer.”
  9. OPEN RECORDS STATEMENT —The following statement must be included: “Unless confidentiality is requested in writing, information regarding the applicants must be released upon request. Finalists cannot be guaranteed confidentiality.” (See Appendix 3-E.)