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Job Vacancies







Position conversions from classified to unclassified or unclassified to classified need special approval. All applications for transfer of filled, new or redesigned vacant positions between the two categories of appointment, upon recommendation of the Office of Human Resources with advice from a review committee, require UW-System (and, in some cases, Office of State Employment Relations) approval. [See UPG #7.03.4.]




PURPOSE—The PCC advises the Director of Human Resources on matters pertaining to (a) developing appropriate institutional guidelines and procedures for appointments to the academic staff, and (b) reviewing and approving all applications for transfer between the academic staff and classified service.


CATEGORIES OF CASES REVIEWED BY THE PCC—UW-Madison procedures require three categories of cases to be submitted through the Dean's/Director's Office to the PCC for review:

1.     Whenever a new Category A academic staff position is created, the New Academic Staff Position form (Appendix L) must be completed in the PVL system, and an organization chart must be submitted to the Academic Personnel Office (APO). If it appears to have replaced a similar position that existed under the classified service (permanent, project or LTE), the new position description must be reviewed by the PCC, System Administration, and, if required, OSER, prior to release of the PVL.

a.     Before a department makes an offer to a current classified employee in the same department, a request to hire must be sent to the Academic Personnel Office.  This request must include the following:

1.     A memo stating the difference between the classified and the unclassified position.

2.     Information as to whether the classified position will be filled if the hire is approved.  If the position will not be backfilled, the memo must address (in detail) how the duties of the classified position will be filled.

3.     Resume of the person the department/hiring unit would like to hire.

4.     Organization chart

5.     Indication of support of the hire by the Dean/Director of the division.

b.     If a hire is made without prior approval of OHR, the individual hired into the unclassified position

will immediately be terminated and returned to the classified position. If the department wishes to pursue conversion, they may submit the request to the PCC.

2.     Whenever an existing unclassified position is occupied, and the employing unit proposes that the position (and incumbent) should be made part of the classified service, the case must be reviewed by the PCC prior to any shift.

3.     Whenever an existing classified position (permanent, project or LTE) is occupied, and the employing unit proposes that the position (and for a permanent position the incumbent) should be changed to an unclassified position, the case must be reviewed by the PCC prior to any shift.*

*PLEASE NOTE: For an LTE or classified project position, the position (not the incumbent) is reviewed for conversion. If the position is approved for conversion to the unclassified service, a PVL must be released for open recruitment.

If the search committee determines the current LTE/classified project employee to be the best candidate for the position, the department must submit a summary of the recruitment process to their dean’s office and the Academic Personnel Office prior to offering the position to the LTE/classified project employee.


REQUEST FORMAT AND DOCUMENTATION—In order for the PCC to review the request, the Dean/Director’s office should submit the complete documentation to the Academic Personnel Office. Such documentation will normally include:

1.     Memorandum/letter from the person requesting the change. The memorandum/letter should state reasons for the request, including:

o    reference to the section of UPG #7 thought to be applicable;

o    the contributions of the position to the institution mission;

o    the nature of the service provided to faculty, staff and students;

o    the unavailability of an appropriate classification in the classified service;

The memorandum should also address the following issues:

o    For conversion requests from a classified position to an unclassified position: the academic credentials and relevant work experience required for the position. (If there is an incumbent, the memo should state how the person meets the requirements).

o    How the former duties will be performed (i.e., modified, eliminated, reassigned, etc.)

2.     Previous job description;

3.     New job description (for conversions from classified to unclassified, a PVL must be created), including percentage of time for each responsibility;

4.     Organizational chart of the unit showing placement of the position within the unit.

The documentation examined pursuant to each action of the PCC is placed and preserved in a permanent file.


RECOMMENDATION—The PCC forwards its recommendation to the Director of Human Resources, who reviews it on behalf of the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. If approved, it is forwarded to the UW System Administration Office of Human Resources.




UW SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION OFFICE AND UW-MADISON OFFICE OF HUMAN RESOURCES—All requests for changes in status (following approval by the PCC) must be submitted to the UW System Administration Office of Human Resources. The authority of the UW System to approve status changes is limited to the following:

1.     Those positions with assigned duties and responsibilities that can be described by the titles identified in UPG #7 Supplemental Guidelines Part I, Sections A. and B.

2.     Those administrative director titles (no Prefix level) which are assigned to UWS salary grade 7 or above.

All other requests for conversions shall be forwarded to the Administrator, Division of Classification and Compensation, Office of State Employment Relations, for review and approval.




REQUEST FOR RECONSIDERATION BY THE PCC—Requests for conversions denied by the PCC may be submitted for reconsideration if new information is available which may be relevant.

APPEAL OF REQUESTS DENIED BY THE PCC—Requests for conversions denied by the PCC may be appealed to the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

APPEAL OF REQUESTS DENIED AT UW SYSTEM LEVEL—If a request is denied by the UW System Administration Office of Human Resources, the Chancellor may appeal to the System-wide Position Conversion Appeals Panel, a standing five-member panel appointed by the President; they will review the decision and make a recommendation to the President who will make the final decision.

FINAL APPEAL OF REQUESTS—[NOTE: This section will be completed when information becomes available.]




When an existing classified position along with an incumbent is approved for conversion to an unclassified position, the maximum salary increase should not be more than 10% or the amount necessary to bring the employee up to the minimum of the proposed title, whichever is greater.




For more detailed and specific information, consult UPG #7.

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