Chapter 3

Job Vacancies




Position Vacancy Listing (PVL)

With certain exceptions (see General Instructions/Information--Appendix 3-C), all faculty, academic staff, and limited appointee positions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may be filled only after proper OPEN RECRUITMENT has been conducted. This means that for faculty, academic staff, and limited positions, a PVL will almost always be required as part of the recruitment process before open recruitment begins.

Positions Supported by Grant Funding—A PVL is required even if a "new" person has been written into a grant proposal. When grant funding appears imminent, a PVL should be submitted, noting a potential position.

Promotions from Visiting to Tenure Track—-If there is any intention to promote from visiting titles to tenure track or tenured titles, future problems can be prevented by recruiting openly (including completion of PVL) for the visiting position at the outset.

Associate Deans—Open recruitment is required for all Associate Dean vacancies. Recruitment may be done internally among tenured faculty within the school/college (or, in some cases, the university) or may involve a national search. In either case, a PVL is necessary. If the recruitment is national, a Recruitment Efforts Plan (REP) must be submitted. The REP is accessed on the PVL System.

Dual Career Couple Program—If a PVL has not been posted, a request for waiver of open recruitment for spousal/partner employment is required and must include a letter and resume. Approval by the Academic Personnel Office (APO) is required prior to an offer. (See Checklist for the Dual Career Couple Program for more detailed information.)

There may be limited funds for smaller schools/colleges available from the Provost’s Office under the Faculty Strategic Hiring Initiatives to assist with a spousal/partner hire. For more information, see the Provost’s website at .

Recruitment Efforts Plan (REP)

Federal and State Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunities policies and regulations require that efforts be made to increase the number of women, minority and other protected group employment applicants. The REP is designed to ensure that adequate steps have been taken to attract and recruit a diverse pool of qualified applicants. The Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) will review the form and, if necessary, suggest additional strategies to enlarge the pool of candidates.

The REP form can be accessed on the PVL system once the department has begun entering a new PVL. It is required for all faculty, academic staff, and limited positions in which the potential salary will be at or above the Category A range 8 minimum.

Request for Authorization to Recruit (RAR)

Required if recruiting for a Dean or if the salary range exceeds 75% of the President’s current salary, except when recruiting for modified professorial titles (clinical, visiting, adjunct, CHS, L/I, and emeritus), lecturers, and consultants. The RAR form can be accessed on the PVL system once the department has begun entering a new PVL.


General Requirement

As soon as the department anticipates a vacancy for a faculty, academic staff or limited position, the department should complete a PVL in accordance with the policy stated above. Approval for exceptions (see “waiver reasons” listed on the PVL Codes, Appendix 3-A) must be requested by the Dean's/Director's office.

Completion of the PVL

To enter a PVL in the new system, the primary contact must have completed the PVL authorization form (contact your dean’s office or APO for authorization form). The PVL system is accessible via the web at

New Position, Replacement, or Conversion:

NEW—If the vacancy is a newly created academic staff position, a New Academic Staff Position form and organization chart must be submitted. APO and Classified Human Resources (CHR) will determine whether the position is appropriately unclassified. In some cases, requests for additional information may be necessary. Consultation with the Dean's/Director's office and the Personnel Classification Committee (PCC) may be necessary prior to the release of the PVL. If the position has never been filled previously, it should be marked "New." If APO determines that some of the duties of the "new" position currently are being performed by a classified employee, the position will require PCC approval.

REPLACEMENT—If the position has been vacated by an unclassified employee, it should be marked "Replacement" and the name of the former incumbent and the appointment ID should be included.

CONVERSION—Whenever a new unclassified position is created, and it appears to be a conversion of a similar position that existed under the classified service, it should be marked "Conversion" and the name of the former incumbent and appointment ID should be included. The new position description must then be reviewed by the PCC prior to the release of the PVL [see Unclassified Personnel Policies & Procedures (UPPP) Ch. 3.02 (this document)]

Number of Positions: State the number of positions the department anticipates filling to perform prescribed duties.

Basis: Check the appropriate pay basis for the position.

ACADEMIC YEAR (C): Directly tied to the academic year calendar; may be one or both semesters.

ANNUAL YEAR (A): Position is not based on academic year calendar; may be for any period of time, but reappointment is generally on fiscal year basis (July 1 to June 30).

HOURLY (H): Used infrequently. Workloads fluctuate sufficiently to justify an hourly appointment rather than an annual or academic one.

NOTE: A lump sum is used only in rare and short-term cases where establishing a rate of pay would be inappropriate.

Major Appointment Department: The major department responsible for the appointment.

UDDS: Code for unit/employing division/employing department/employing sub-department.

Other Employing Department(s): The other department(s) responsible for the appointment.

UDDS: Code for other unit/employing division/employing department/employing sub-department.

Post on web under major department: Checking “Yes” will post the PVL on the web under the major department only. Checking “No” will post the PVL on the web under all the appointment departments.

Fund/Account #: For example: "101-2," "144," "133," or “99999” (if grant proposal submitted).

Type of Appointment: (Also see Unclassified Title Guideline [UTG].)

FACULTY ---Use "Probationary" if Instructor or Assistant Professor. Use "Tenured" if Associate or full Professor.

LIMITED—Use limited only if the definition and conditions in UPPP Ch. 1.03 are met.

ACADEMIC STAFF—Academic staff appointments are fixed term, probationary or indefinite. Rights associated with an appointment are limited to the operational area (the college, school, operating division, department or its functional equivalent, or other unit) specified in the letter of appointment.

Initial appointments in an operational area require an evaluation period of 6-12 months during which the appointee may be dismissed at the discretion of the individual making the appointment. [See Academic Staff Policies and Procedures (ASPP) Ch. 2.04 for detailed information.]

Title Code(s): The code(s) corresponding to the official title(s). The UTG lists the codes.

Position Title(s): State the official title(s) that will be used in the letter of offer, the Appointment System and the budget. To determine the proper category of employment and title, please see the UTG. See UPPP Ch. 3.02 for information regarding position conversions from classified to unclassified.

Working Title: State the title that better describes the position. This is the field which will be read by the search engine when one is searching for vacancies through the web. For example: Associate Director, Unspecified (8) could be Associate Director of Animal Resources Center or Assistant Dean (M) could be Assistant Dean of Student Services as a working title.

Date Position Available: State the anticipated begin date. Note: The PVL system requires that you enter a specific date in this box. The position available date must be at least one day after the application deadline date. If the department wants the minimum recruitment period, the date entered by the department will be adjusted by the Academic Personnel Office when the PVL is ready to be released.

Application Deadline Date: State the latest date an application will be accepted for a position to insure consideration. If the proposed salary range is above the salary figure of the range 8 minimum, then the application deadline date must be at least 4 weeks after the PVL released or revised date. In all other cases, the application deadline date must be at least 2 weeks after the PVL released or revised date. (See Appendix 3-D for more information on minimum posting periods).

Percent Time of Appointment: A range may be used if appropriate; e.g., 75-100 percent. Usually a straight percentage is indicated; e.g., 50%, 75%, 100%.

NOTE: Percent Change: If open recruitment is conducted for a position that is less than 100%, the percent may be increased up to 100% without a new recruitment after the individual has been employed in the position at least 6 months.

Appointment is Renewable or Terminal: Check "R" if the expectation is that employment will continue. If, however, there is a clear intention from the outset that the job or project will not continue beyond a stated period of time, the appointment should be considered fixed term terminal by checking “T”.

Caregiver Law Review: The default for the Caregiver Law Review is "No." If it applies, use the drop-down menu to select "Yes." For more information on the Caregiver Law, refer to the Department of Health and Family Services website at

End Date: State the end date of the terminal appointment. Only required for terminal academic staff appointments (see Appendix 3-C, III.).

Proposed Salary Range: Either a minimum salary or a salary range may be used. The salary should be established after determining whether it accurately reflects duties and responsibilities in comparison with similar positions. State the full time rate and unclassified title. This rate must be at least the UW Madison minimum for that title [see UTG, Salary Ranges and Minima for Unclassified Staff ]. The proposed salary will be reviewed by APO to ensure campus wide equity. If the proposed salary is in excess of the maximum noted on the RAR [see salary levels noted on the form], the RAR must be attached to the PVL, except when recruiting for modified professorial titles (clinical, CHS, etc.), lecturers, visiting, and consultants. Salary must be within the salary range approved for the title code(s).

Salary Qualifier (Code): This code displays a corresponding statement that is included with the salary information on position announcements. For example “Q” will print as “Depending on qualifications”, “F” will print as “Fixed”. (See Appendix 3-A).

Show Max on Posted PVL: Check “Yes” if you want the salary maximum to show on the posted PVL, and check “No” if you do not want the public to see the maximum salary of the position.

Primary Contact Person (to be listed on posted PVL): The name of the individual who will receive the letters of application or inquiries regarding the position.

Address: The address of the Contact Person. Note: This must be the complete U.S. mailing address (include the zip code and 4-digit extension).

Phone: The telephone number of the Contact Person.

Release Phone Number to Public: Check “Yes” if the phone number may be displayed in PVL advertisements. Check “No” if phone inquiry about the PVL is not preferred.

Fax: (Optional). The fax number of the Contact Person if you want applicants to fax their resumes.

E-mail: The e-mail address of the Contact Person.

Release E-mail to Public: Check “Yes” if the e-mail address may be displayed in PVL advertisements. Check “No” if e-mail inquiry is not preferred.

Administrative Contact Person: The name of the staff person in the department (in addition to the Primary Contact) who should be contacted when a PVL is released or revised. The Administrative Contact Person’s information will not be listed on the posted PVL.

Address: The address of the Administrative Contact Person. Note: This must be the complete U.S. mailing address (include the zip code and 4-digit extension).

Phone: The telephone number of the Administrative Contact Person.

Fax: (Optional). The fax number of the Administrative Contact Person.

E-mail: The e-mail address of the Administrative Contact Person.

Required Qualifications:

DEGREE AND AREA OF SPECIALIZATION—Indicate what minimum degree and specialization is required for the job. Also may state that higher qualifications are preferred.

MINIMUM NUMBER OF YEARS AND TYPE OF WORK EXPERIENCE—Indicate the amount (specify number of years) and type of experience required and/or desired beyond the minimal degree requirement. Clearly differentiate what is required from what is only desirable.

LICENSE/CERTIFICATE—If a special license or certificate is relevant to the job, please state its full title. A license or certificate means a recognition or certification of a person's qualifications, skills, or abilities by a recognized public body (non academic) such as a government, a professional organization or board, etc.

Description of Vacant Position:Describe the principal duties and responsibilities of the position as clearly as possible. For more information on Job Description, please see Appendix 3 - H.

Supervisory Responsibilities: Number of employees supervised—Indicate the number of full time employees the individual will supervise both directly and indirectly (through subordinates).

Submission of PVL and Related Documents

Upon completion, the PVL, and, if required, the REP, New Academic Staff Position form, an organization chart, and RAR, should be submitted electronically to the department chair (or equivalent) for review, then forwarded to the Dean's/Director's office for final review before submission to APO.

Release of PVL

Before Release—-Before releasing the PVL for open recruitment, APO gives persons with referral priority (layoffs and non-renewed long term employees) an opportunity to apply. If the PI/Contact Person wishes to select one of these individuals, it is not necessary to recruit further. [See ASPP 3.05 for more information.]

After Release—When APO releases the PVL for open recruitment, the PI/Contact Person, the Administrative Contact Person, and the Dean’s office will be notified via email of the PVL # and application deadline date.

NOTE: Once a PVL has been released, the application deadline date cannot be shortened.

If there is not a sufficient number of candidates of the quality desired, APO must be notified via the Dean's/Director's office and a revised application deadline must be established and posted.

The Dean's/Director's office should print a copy of the released PVL for their record.

Advertising of PVLS

See UPPP 3.04

Minimum Posting Periods

Academic Staff Positions must be posted for a minimum of two weeks [see Appendix 3-D]. Offers to hire may not be made until after the application deadline date listed on the PVL.

If the position has a salary figure of Range 8 minimum or above, at least regional advertising by the department is required as indicated on the REP, and it must be posted for a minimum of four weeks.

Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, Professor (CHS), Associate Professor (CHS) and Assistant Professor (CHS) positions must be posted for a minimum of two months. The application deadline date is determined at the time the PVL, REP and/or RAR forms are approved for release.

If there is any intent to consider movement to tenure-track or tenure at a later date, a two-month posting period is appropriate for Visiting or Clinical as well.

PVLs can remain open for a maximum of 18 months. After 18 months, if no one has been hired, a new PVL must be submitted and a new recruitment undertaken to fill the position. Notices are sent to the PI/Contact Person and Dean/Director 16 months after the date the PVL was originally released as a reminder that the PVL will expire in two months.

Revisions to PVLs After Posting

If significant changes to the PVL occur during or after open recruitment, open recruitment must be extended or reopened to insure an appropriate pool of applicants. For example, if a PVL was posted for a 100 percent position, but the department realized after the application deadline date that there was only enough money for a 50 percent position, the PVL would have to be revised and reposted because a different applicant pool may have been generated.

NOTE: If a PVL is for multiple positions, it cannot be revised if one or more of the positions have been filled, or if an offer is pending.

Other significant changes include but are not limited to salary, appointment type, date available, terminal appointment, principal duties, degree, and required years of experience.

For any PVL changes, departments must work through their Dean's office first.