Chapter 1

Types of Unclassified Appointments




Titles in the Student Assistant title group are used for graduate students who: hold a fellowship, scholarship or traineeship; hold an appointment which is intended primarily to further the education and training of the student; are employed to assist with research training or other academic programs or projects; and/or have been assigned teaching responsibilities in an instructional department under the supervision of a faculty member.

In addition, Student Assistant titles are available to undergraduate students when: no qualified graduate student is available to perform a function that would normally be assigned to graduate students (i.e., Undergraduate Assistant - requires advance approval of the dean); or when the terms of a supporting grant or contract preclude the use of other normally appropriate titles (Undergraduate Intern).


Teaching Assistants, Project/Program Assistants, Research Assistants, Undergraduate Assistants, Undergraduate Interns, and Housefellows/Resident Assistants

Teaching assistants, project/program assistants, research assistants, and housefellows/resident assistants are graduate students at any UW institution and all are employees. Undergraduate assistants and undergraduate interns are undergraduate students. Teaching assistant and program/project assistant appointments are subject to the terms of a collective bargaining agreement.

Fellows, Scholars, Trainees and Advanced Opportunity Fellows

Fellows, scholars, trainees and advanced opportunity fellows are UW-Madison graduate students who have received a fellowship, scholarship, or traineeship. They are not employees. They are required to be registered for a full load (as determined by the Graduate School) of coursework and research.


Benefits, Classification, and Compensation

Benefits available to program assistants, project assistants, and teaching assistants, and their classification and compensation, are covered in the current agreement: State of Wisconsin and Teaching Assistants' Association (AFT 3220/AFL-CIO).

Benefits available to other eligible student assistants are covered in the Benefits Summary for Graduate Assistants, Post-doctoral Appointees, and Short-term Academic Appointments.

The titles and salaries of other eligible student assistants are listed in the Unclassified Title Guideline (UTG).


For more detailed and specific information about student assistants, please consult the Unclassified Title Guideline (UTG) or the TA/PA Collective Bargaining Agreement.