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CHRIS: Classified Human Resources Information System

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin - Madison
Classified Human Resources Information System


The Classified Human Resources Information System (CHRIS, or CHRIS-HR for division and department HR personnel) is a web-based application system built under the auspices of the Classified Personnel Office (CPO) within the Office of Human Resources at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

The purpose of the CHRIS/CHRIS-HR system is to automate and facilitate entry, update and other processing of position descriptions for employee positions at the UW - Madison. The intent of developing and implementing this system is:

to provide consistency in PD structure across campus.

to allow all campus staff access to HR Transactions created in any division for reference or to use as a template for creating similar positions.

to expedite the processes of approving and filling positions, reclassifying positions, and updating position descriptions by reducing the paper flow between the various offices while making electronic versions of the information available to the approval staff immediately upon position description entry.

to reduce the amount of paper generated during the lifecycle of hr transaction creation and approval. (See Hard Copy PDs)

to allow both current and prospective employees the ability to review position descriptions online for vacancies.

The primary users of the system are UW - Madison supervisors, department and division Human Resources staff, and CPO staff.

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