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HR Transaction

A. Employees and supervisors should be aware of the purpose of the Position Description (PD) before completing the form. The PD is the key document in determining the appropriate classification and FLSA status of a position. It is descriptive of the major goals and worker activities of the position. It is not construed to limit or modify the power of the appointing authority and subordinate supervisors to assign work to employees. However, the appointing authority, subordinate supervisors and employees are responsible for assuring that the work assigned is the work actually performed and that PD's are reasonably current descriptions of the work. It is used as an information source for the development and implementation of an effective recruitment and selection plan if a position becomes vacant. Perhaps most important in the long run, an accurate PD helps the employee know what is expected by clearly defining the work to be performed in relation to the overall goals of the work unit. The PD can also be the basis for identifying training needs and a criteria for evaluating performance.

B. The PD is usually to be filled out by the first-line supervisor or his/her designee. In some cases, the Department or Division HR staff. Most of the items on the PD are self-explanatory. If you have a question on an item, please contact your division HR office.

C. One Position Description Per Title - For each title entered within the HR Transaction there must be one distinct set of PD summary, goals, activities, and knowledge and skills; each distinct set is one electronic PD or E-PD. The title for which these data apply is displayed at the top of their respective screens. Authorization to Hire information, organization chart, PD comments and exclusion forms apply to the entire HR Transaction, regardless of the number of titles entered. For LTE, Reclass, Update, and Survey Transactions only one title is allowed for the HR Transaction.

D. There could potentially be more than one position description for a set of vacancy data. A position can be posted under more than one title/classification and there must be one PD per title as explained above. A Position Vacancy HR Transaction includes data specific to each position description included as well data common to all titles and PDs entered. (For simplification, in certain contexts in this Help document, 'PD' is used to refer to a 'HR Transaction')

E. There currently are 5 types of HR Transactions that can processed through the CHRIS/CHRIS-HR system. These are: Position Vacancy, LTE, Reclass, Update, and Survey. The entry and approval process for Reclass, Update and Survey PDs is similar to that for Position Vacancy PDs except that CHRIS records are not generated.

  1. Position Vacancy is for existing vacancies and which will be the source for creating CHRIS records that will be used for posting and recruitment.
  2. LTE is used to create Limited Term Employment vacancies Please see LTE.
  3. Reclass is used to justify (or not) the reclassification of an employee. Some additional data are needed and the approval process can be more elaborate. Please see Reclassification.
  4. Update is used to modify the PD of record for an employee because of changed duties.
  5. Survey is for submittal to DER for personnel management survey purposes which may result in position reallocation..

1.  Basic Instructions for Creating an HR Transaction

If creating a new HR Transaction, go to the main menu. Check the box next to the type of HR Transaction to Create (Position Vacancy, LTE, Update, Reclass, or Survey) and then press the New HR Transaction button. The Update, Reclass, and Survey PDs all require an Appointment ID for which the HR Transaction will be created. NOTE: IF an Transaction already exists for the entered appointment, the system will copy the latest approved PD to be used as a template for the new PD requested.

After creating a new blank Transaction or copying an existing Transaction, do the following:

A. Enter all of the required information (items in blue and have an asterisk*) on 'Page 1' of the Authorization to Hire.

B. Press the 'Page 2' Tab towards the top of the page. Fill out all of the required information on that page.

B1. If the Transaction is a Reclass, Press the 'Reclass Details' Tab. Fill out all of the required information on that page.

B2. If the Transaction is an LTE, Press the 'LTE Applicant' Tab. Fill out all of the required information on that page if and when an applicant exists. If the applicant already has/had a position with the university, please also fill out the 'LTE Applicant History' tab.

C. Press the 'Goals Activities' Tab. Enter the PD Summary, Goals, and the Activities for each Goal.

D. Press the 'Knowledge Skills' Tab. If needed, enter Knowledge and Skills required.

NOTE: One set of PD Summary, Goals, Activities, and Knowledge and Skills is needed for each title entered on Page 1 of the Authorization to Hire.

E. Press the 'Org Chart' Tab. Create the Org Chart (not required for LTEs).

F. When all of these steps are completed, go to the menu bar, and under 'Tools', select 'Error Check EntireHR Transaction'. This will check for any errors that have to be fixed before continuing. Fix everything that needs to be changed. Continue until no more errors.

G. When the error check returns with no errors, you are now ready to submit the HR transaction to the next level for approval. To do this, press 'Submit' under the 'Action' menu item at the top of the screen. This will send the Transaction to the next level for approval.

H. To keep track of the status of your HR Transaction, go into the Transaction and select the 'History' tab.

Special Instructions for LTE Positions - Beginning late November 2002, it is possible to enter Limited Term Employment positions via CHRIS/CHRIS-HR. Most of the LTE process will be the same as for other HR Transaction types. Here are some differences:

  1. Though only one goal (and related activities) is required, the PD Summary is optional.

  2. Some items that do not apply to LTEs are protected or removed, while others, such as Hourly Rate if posting on the web, are now required.

  3. If there is no Applicant entered, you can choose whether the position should be posted on the web in the nightly automated process.

  4. An Organizational Chart is optional.

  5. A selected applicant can be entered before the original submittal of the LTE Transaction, or after. If after, only applicant data will be allowed to be updated. Then the applicant is submitted separately for approval. HR staff can then approve or reject the applicant together with or separately from the Transaction.

  6. The Applicant status will display separately from the LTE Transaction status on the Search Results screen. The Applicant status will display with the detail data on the lower part of the screen.

  7. An Applicant hired through this process cannot be entered into IADS or Payrolled until the LTE Transaction is Class Approved by Division HR staff (if the title is delegated) or CPO.

  8. Detailed instructions for the LTE process and other enhancements will be available as soon the the new 'HELP' screens are developed.


2. Error Checking

A. Error Results Lists when you've completed the HR Transaction or would like to see what yet needs to be completed, select 'Error Check Entire HR Transaction' under 'Tools' on the menu bar. If data is missing or inconsistent, a window will appear listing all of the errors. There are a few edits that apply only for HR staff approving a PD that are not checked at submittal time.

B. Fixing Errors Press the 'Go To Error' button to display the field that needs to be corrected. Correct the error and select 'PD Errors' which now appears on the menu bar. The edits will be done again and display any remaining errors.


3. Submission, Rejection and Approval

Note: Submission, Rejection and Approval are only available when the HR Transaction is open in Edit mode. The descriptions below apply to Position Vacancy and LTE type Transactions. The processes for Reclass, Update, and Survey PDs are similar; however, for these a CHRIS record is never created.

A. If you are a supervisor or representative submitting an HR Transaction or HR staff approving or rejecting an HR Transaction, make the appropriate selection under 'Actions'.

B. The same edits will be done as when selecting 'Error Check Entire HR Transaction' before the submittal, approval or rejection is accepted.

C. Transaction Submittal - Upon successful submittal, an email is sent to the next level HR staff listed in the CHRIS system; in most cases, this will be the Division HR staff. In some cases, it will be the Department HR staff. Only that level person or higher can edit the HR Transaction. The supervisor who submitted the Transaction and her/his proxies can only view the data at this point.

D. Transaction Approval - If the HR person reviewing the HR Transaction accepts the PD or can make small changes to make it acceptable, s/he can approve it.

E. Approval sends it to then next level HR staff. An email is sent unless the next level is CPO. People at the level at which the approval was done can only view the data, except in the case of CPO.

F. If the approving office is at the division level, a CHRIS position vacancy record is created from the PD data.

G. Furthermore, if that division has delegation for the given title(s), the CHRIS record is automatically approved for classification.

H. Transaction Rejection - If the HR person reviewing the HR Transaction feels that significant enough changes are needed to make it acceptable, s/he can reject it. The staff at the level below the rejecting authority will again be able to update the data. The Tran Comments field can be used to document the suggested changes.

I. Project Approval - If the CPO HR specialist reviewing the HR Transaction accepts the project justification, duration, continuity status and funding source, or can make small changes to make it acceptable, s/he can approve it. This action is available only to CPO HR staff and only for Transactions entered for project positions.

J. Reclass Approval - Please see Reclass Actions.

K. LTE Approval - If the LTE Applicant is entered after the Transaction is originally submitted, the applicant has to be submitted separately and go through a separate approval process. Please see Special Instructions for LTE Positions and LTE Actions.

4. Who can view and update an HR Transaction?

A. Before an HR Transaction is Division Approved, only the creator, proxies for the creator, department and division HR staff for the UDDS assigned to the Transaction, and CPO staff. This same group can update the Transaction while it is in Draft status.

B. After submittal the creator of the Transaction and her/his proxies can only view the data.

C. After Division Approval, anyone with access to the CHRIS/CHRIS-HR system can view the Transaction. However, Tran Comments can only be viewed by the same group listed in 1. above.

D. See 'Submission, Rejection and Approval' above on who has update authority at a particular point in the lifecycle of the Transaction and position vacancy.


5. How to Compare PD's

A. Input

Position Description ID 1- First PD to compare (the system enters the HR Transaction ID from the HR Transaction that you are currently viewing or editing, or what is selected on the search results screen. This value can be changed).

Position Description ID 2 - Second PD to compare (only used if Compare These 2 HR Trans was pressed).

Compare with Previous HR Tran - Press to compare the HR Transaction associated with what was entered in Position Description ID 1 with it's previous HR Transaction if it exists on the system already.

Compare These 2 HR Trans - Press to compare the two HR Transactions that were entered in Position Description ID 2.

Cancel - Close the compare screen.


B. Results

Position Description ID 1- Displays items for Position Description 1.

Position Description ID 2- Displays items for Position Description 2 (Items in red are different between PD 1 and PD 2).

View Selected Row - Select a row that you would like to view by clicking on it with your mouse and then press this button. It will bring up a view of the row showing the complete text in the box.

Close- Press to close the results window and return to the Input screen.

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