Payroll Services and Analysis

NetID Activation, Business Email, and Foreign National Self-Linking

These three different modules are available and benefit our employees:

  • NetID Activation - To assist new hires obtain a NetID either before they are able to obtain a WisCard or if one is not needed. A Cypress Report for new hires without NetIDs is available every Monday morning by 7am. (Cypress path: UWSC-HRS/Payroll/Recently Hired Employees w/No NetID).
  • Self-linking - Used for newly hired foreign nationals who are students and do not have SSNs. This process links student and employee records so they can access MyUW. Individuals with missing SSNs are displayed on the WED (HRS dashboard if you have Person Update access).
  • Business Email - Any change made to the business email address that was initially entered in HRS must be done using the Business Email Admin module. Other change attempts are overwritten automatically with data entered using the Business Email Admin module.

Below are the steps to follow for obtaining access to the NetID Activation, Business Email, or Self-Linking modules:

  1. Email employee's netid to
  2. Indicate which module is being requested
  3. Once notified access has been granted,
    1. In the search field "+ Add more to home," enter either "New Hire NetID Activation" or "Business Email Admin" or "Account Administrator Tools" for the self-linking module.
    2. Launch (in green).