Payroll Services and Analysis

Paycheck Distribution

Direct Deposit

The University encourages all employees, and requires student hourlies, to have direct deposit. Direct deposit of your paycheck into your financial institution means no lost or stolen paper checks, no waiting in line to pick up a paycheck and no special trip to your bank or credit union. Direct deposit of your check is available in any financial institution throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Direct deposit and paycheck date: Payment will be direct deposited at your financial institution on the date according to the pay schedule. When the normal pay date falls on a Federal Reserve (bank) holiday, a Saturday or Sunday, the date that payment is available to you will be the day prior to that day. If paid monthly, and the pay date of January 1 is on a Saturday or Sunday, the pay date will be the first working day of the new year to avoid tax problems. Pay dates for June monthly checks are the last workday in June due to the end of the fiscal year.

Effective date: Once you have completed a Direct Deposit Authorization form, we encourage you to monitor your Earnings Statement to verify your payment was direct deposited.

Changing your financial institution: If you have direct deposit and change your financial institution, you must complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization form. If your account is closed and you fail to notify us, receipt of your paycheck may be delayed until the monies are received back from the financial institution.

Direct depositing into multiple accounts: You are able to direct deposit in up to three accounts, and can designate this on your Direct Deposit Authorization form. However, you will need to designate one account as a primary account. To set up direct deposit in multiple accounts, see the back of the Direct Deposit Authorization form for further instructions.

Download a Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Paychecks by Mail

We recommend employees set up direct deposit. If you do not have direct deposit, your paycheck will be mailed to your home address, even if you have both a mailing address and a home address listed in the system.

To confirm or update your home address, you can:

  1. Log in to MyUW and choose the “Personal Information” module. The module lists your current mailing and/or home address. Read the instructions for reviewing and updating your address for more information.
  2. Provide your new home address to your Payroll Contact to update.

If your check is lost or stolen: Contact us immediately so that we can stop payment and issue a new check. This process takes 7–10 days.

If you permanently leave campus: Be sure to update your home address in MyUW.

Also see UW System Administration Policy.