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Welcome From the Program Coordinators

Charles Read, Coordinator of the Joseph F. Kauffman Program

Charles Read

Dean Emeritus of the School of Education,
Professor Emeritus of Linguistics


Dear UW Colleague,

We’re pleased that you are interested in the Joseph F. Kauffman Administrative Development Program, often called simply “The Kauffman Seminar.” The Program is designed to help meet a need that is critical to any university: fostering the next generation of campus leaders. It does that primarily by giving people who are in an administrative role, or who might aspire to one, an opportunity to develop a clearer picture of UW-Madison as a whole – its scope, structure, and governance, its history and culture. Open to faculty, academic staff, and classified staff, the Program aims to help answer questions like:

In short, the Kauffman Seminar seeks to help participants develop a more nuanced picture of the University in its context while building a personal network of contacts with other participants and University leaders. We know you’re good at what you do; we try to help you situate your work within the structure and culture of UW-Madison. If those objectives are aligned with your own, we invite you to consider participating.


Charles Read