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How Seminar Participants are Selected

Each year, the Deans of schools and colleges and the Directors of major divisions of the University are invited to nominate prospective participants for the Kauffman Seminar. The deadline for nominations is usually in mid-June. The call for nominations says this about eligibility:

Academic and classified staff nominees should have had some higher-level administrative experience and be individuals who would benefit from an overview of university administration. Faculty members should be individuals who have had or will have major administrative or committee assignments.

Another essential qualification is the willingness to attend and participate on fifteen Friday mornings during the academic year, a substantial commitment of time and thought. The quality of the seminar experience depends on having every member participating, with rare exceptions.

Deans and Directors are asked to provide a brief summary of each nominee’s current or anticipated responsibilities, background, and experience, as well as a statement about the ways in which participation would benefit the nominee and the University, and a vita for each nominee. Participants may or may not be new to this University.

From among those nominated, participants are selected with a view to achieving balance in program areas and the nature and level of responsibilities, within a class of about 25 each year. Nominees who are not selected in a given year may be renominated in subsequent years.

If you wish to be considered for nomination, it is appropriate to let your Dean or Director know that, but please bear in mind that he or she may need to consider various priorities and may have a backlog of previous nominees.