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UW-Madison HRS Project Resources

Coming in 2011, HRS will revolutionize the way the University of Wisconsin handles employee services by streamlining human resources, payroll, benefits, absence management, and time and labor into one system. Employee self service will enhance the way you manage your employee information. You will be able to access your payroll information, enroll in benefits, enter absence information, update contact and employee information, and record time online. For more information, go to

Work Flow Project Documents

HRS Implementation Memo
August 23, 2010 memo from Provost Paul DeLuca and Vice Chancellor for Administration Darrell Bazzell highlighting the upcoming HRS implementation and the creation of business process plans by each division.

Executive Summary
Highlights for colleges/schools/divisions to follow in their development of a “plan of action” with a deadline no later than November 15th, 2010 that will document how they will implement their business processes for the new HRS system (go-live spring of 2011).

WFP Planning Guide (revised 10/21)
This planning guide includes an overview of HRS as well as pre-defined business process models, specific roles needed for HRS, and other resources to help colleges/schools/divisions. Guidelines and criteria are also included  that divisions need to meet if HRS activities are to be performed at various levels within the organization. These criteria reflect the changing resource requirements organizations must have to effectively operate in the new HRS environment.

HRS Project Information

HRS Project Public Website |

HRS Project Intranet |
Please contact Gareth Green to gain access to the HRS Intranet.

UW-Madison HRS Training Plan (DRAFT) - 2/11/2011
This is the draft HRS training plan for UW-Madison. It provides information on who will get training on what and when, from now through HRS implementation. The training in this plan is directly based on the roles identified in each division's Work Flow 'plans of action.'

Please note that we are continuing to fine-tune this plan, so please pay attention to the revision date as reflected in the document web address / url.

Maintenance of Divisional WFP 'Plans of Action'

Revisions to your Divisional 'Plans of Action' should be submitted to