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What is HRS?

Click here for a brief summary of the HRS Project and why it is so critical to the University of Wisconsin.

What will HRS mean for you?

By now, you may be aware that a new payroll, benefits, and HR system - the Human Resource System (HRS) is coming for UW-Madison employees. But perhaps you are still wondering in what specific ways this will affect you.

This page is designed to help answer your questions. Find the heading that best describes you and click the accompanying link to open a document with custom-tailored HRS content.


What HRS Means for Faculty >>


What HRS Means for Staff >>


What HRS Means for Student Hourly Workers >>


What HRS Means for Supervisors >>

UW-Madison HRS Contact

If you have questions or comments about HRS, please contact:
Gareth Green | | 608-265-5882

Information for Campus Administrators (Workflow Project)


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