HR Information Systems (HRIS)

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Aerial view of campusCredit: University Communications

The HRIS unit will strive to increase the Office of Human Resources’ capacity to leverage and assimilate new and emerging technologies, maximize accuracy of workforce data, and reinforce the campus focus on providing outstanding technical solutions. The HRIS unit will work to bridge the gap between technical and functional requirements of the HR community and information systems in place. Additionally, the HRIS unit will identify, plan, and implement HRIS changes based on federal/state guidelines as well as to meet the strategic needs of the campus.

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  • Provide information and statistical data to internal and external customers.
  • Develop reporting solutions and provide training to divisions during the transition from the Query Library to new reporting tools.
  • Consult with campus partners to define business requirements of new integrated data solutions and maintain and enhance existing solutions.
  • Work with the HR-IT Advisory Group charged with providing advice, advocacy, and recommendations to HR and IT leadership regarding information technology that serves to effectively and efficiently support HR business processes.
  • Serve as the Data Steward for campus HR data, and establish guidelines for accessing data in compliance with campus Data Governance initiatives.


Office of Human Resources
21 N. Park Street
Suite 5101
Madison, Wisconsin 53715, USA


Phone: 608-265-2257
Office Hours: 7:45am - 4:30pm (Monday - Friday)