Online Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) Presentations

Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF)

Do you want to learn more about your WRS benefits? Do you have high-speed Internet access? These online, recorded presentations will help you understand your benefits and guide you through the retirement process.

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Title and Description Length
Additional Contributions (Supplementing Your WRS Benefit)
See how easy it is to enhance your WRS retirement benefit. This presentation provides information about how you can supplement your WRS retirement benefit by making Voluntary Additional Contributions. Topics covered include the types of contributions you can make and how to make them, as well as investment earnings, distribution options and requirements.
37 min
Annual Retirement Annuity Adjustments
Frequently-asked questions about WRS annual annuity adjustments and explains how ETF determines the interest and annual adjustments. It also covers general information about the State of Wisconsin Investment Board and its role in managing the WRS trust funds.
37 min
Benefit Basics - Your WRS Benefit Handbook
Geared toward new public employees eligible under the WRS, this presentation summarizes provisions of each benefit program, all of which are administered by ETF. These include the retirement program; health, life, and disability insurance programs; a supplemental retirement savings plan; a medical and childcare expense reimbursement program; and the Accumulated Sick Leave Conversion Credit Program.
1 hr 15 min
Buying WRS Creditable Service
Explains the type of service that can be purchased and the advantage of doing so, eligibility criteria, how to purchase service and calculate the cost, and payment options.
50 min
Calculating Your Retirement Benefits Online
Step-by-step instructions on how to use our online retirement calculator to calculate an unofficial projection of your WRS retirement benefits under both the formula and money purchase methods. It will show you three sample calculations. While viewing this presentation, it will be to your advantage to have your most recent Statement of Benefits from ETF in front of you.
1 hr 20 min
Core and Variable Trust Funds
What are the differences between the Core and the Variable Trust Funds? Is Variable Fund participation still a good choice for members — how does it affect retirement benefits? The Department's newest online video, The WRS Trust Funds-Core and Variable, provides the answers to these and other frequently asked questions about the Wisconsin Retirement System Trust Funds. The 48-minute program also provides information about the State of Wisconsin Investment Board's management of trust fund investments, how effective rates and annuity adjustment are calculated, what it means to have a Variable "excess" or "deficiency" and how to cancel and/or elect Variable participation.
48 min
How to Complete a Retirement Application (Available in Closed Captioning)
Step-by-step instructions for completing a WRS retirement application. This presentation assumes viewer knowledge of WRS retirement benefits and payment options.
37 min
Now That You're Retired - What you Need to Know
Provides the answers to frequently asked questions from WRS participants as they move into retirement. Some of the topics covered include: direct deposit, information mailers, taxes, life and health insurance premiums, death benefits and beneficiaries, and return to work provisions.
1 hr 6 min
Payment Options
WRS Payment Options, contains information about Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) retirement benefit payment option selection and describes in-depth the details of each of the WRS payment options available. Other topics covered include changing options, spousal consent, minimum distribution requirements and more. This 55-minute video assumes that the viewer has already requested and received a retirement application packet.
55 min
Planning for the Inevitable (Death Benefits and Beneficiaries)
An explanation of WRS survivor (death) benefits payable upon your death, whether you die before or after retirement. It explains in detail how to designate beneficiaries, who you can name as beneficiaries on your retirement account and life insurance, and how your dependents can continue health insurance after death.
40 min
Social Security Benefits
This overview of the Federal Social Security (SS) Retirement and Survivor Benefits program explains who is eligible for benefits, when they're eligible, and for which SS benefits they may be eligible. It also gives you information on how benefits are calculated, when and how to apply for them, as well as basic information on disability and Medicare.
27 min
Your Annual Statement of Benefits
A review of information provided on the annual Statement of Benefits, including explanations on creditable service, the money purchase value of accounts, employer and employee contributions, beneficiaries, and making additional contributions. Participants should have their own document in hand for reference.
45 min
Your WRS Benefits
A review of WRS benefits administered by ETF. Topics discussed include retirement, separation and survivor benefits, and life and health insurance. The presentation will illustrate retirement calculations and explain annuity options. Service purchases, military service credit, and additional WRS contributions are also covered.
1 hr 55 min
Wisconsin Deferred Compensation
Wisconsin Deferred Compensation (WDC) is a supplemental retirement savings program that allows you to make tax deferred retirement contributions to enhance your Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) benefit. The plan is available to all active state and university employees and some local government and school district employees if their employer elected to participate in this optional program. This presentation reviews the WDC plan, offers pre-retirement strategies and gives you information about the simple tools available to help you plan ahead.
13 min