Income Continuation Insurance (ICI)

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Plan Overview

Description: The plan provides up to 75% of gross wages as replacement income if you become disabled. Benefits begin after a selected waiting period (minimum of 30 consecutive calendar days) or use of accumulated sick leave (up to 130 days), whichever is longer. There are two coverage levels: Standard ICI covers earnings up to $64,000; Supplemental ICI covers earnings from $64,001 to $120,000.


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Administered by

WI Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF)



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Application | Submit to your Payroll & Benefits Office

Income Continuation Insurance Application, ET-2307

Evidence of Insurability | Submit to ETF

Evidence of Insurability, ET-2308
If you do not enroll for ICI coverage when you are first eligible, you can enroll only by completing an Evidence of Insurability application.