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Plan Overview

Description: The Dental Wisconsin program offers two dental plans: Delta Dental PPO and Dental Select. The PPO plan includes coverage for diagnostic and preventive services; the Dental Select plan does not. Copayments, deductible, benefits and provider restrictions vary between plans. If you select the PPO plan, you have the choice of using Delta Dental PPO Providers (in-network, lower cost) or Delta Dental Premier Providers (out-of-network, higher cost). The Dental Select plan allows you to choose any dentist, but utilization of a Delta Dental Premier Provider will eliminate excess charges. A $1,000 orthodontia benefit is available for children under age 19. You can also use your Dental Wisconsin ID card for discounts on vision care services, including eyewear, through Davis Vision. This is an additional feature of Dental Wisconsin and is not a vision insurance plan.


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