University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy ID: 99328

Schedule - Range:06-13
Monday thru Friday with flexible hours between 7AM - 5PM

This is listed with a FTE range: 50% - 100%

Job Summary:This is an objective level position providing specialized technical support to the daily operational needs of the Special Species Health Service within the Small Animal Area of the UW Veterinary Care (UWVC). This position is expected to be at least 50% based in the Special Species Health Service, and the possibility to expand employment to 100% within the Special Species Service or other services within the Small Animal Area of the UWVC is available. Applicants are expected to have a strong interest in avian and exotic animals medicine and prior experience with exotic animals is strongly preferred. The position requires initiative to independently follow through with technical responsibilities. Requires the ability to lift a minimum of 50lbs. independently and physical and manual dexterity to perform specialized technical tasks. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

1) Oversees daily receiving schedules, provides assistance and initiates changes as needed.

2) Develops knowledge and responsibility in area of specialization to include maintenance of special equipment, instructing others in use and care, assisting clinician and students in procedures.

3) Anticipates needs of clinicians, staff and students during procedures and in primary animal care.

4) Assists in the instruction of professional veterinary students and training of entry level Veterinary Technicians as requested.

5) Contributes to and participates in team building by assisting in problem solving activities.

The work is performed under limited supervision.


Goals and Worker Activities

A.45%Responsible for independently and proficiently performing the following technical responsibilities to provide quality patient care:
1.Restrains varied birds, exotic animals, wildlife and domestic species
2.Prepares and administers oral, topical, injectable medications prescribed for patients
3.Participates in and oversees the receiving and discharging of patients to include loading and unloading
4.Records and maintains all necessary patient data for concise, accurate medical records
5.Performs medical nursing skills specific to assigned area of specialization in addition to routine medical nursing skills
6.Frequently observes animals under care, records and reports to clinician any animals displaying abnormal or concerning behavior
7.Initiates and monitors prescribed food (special diets) and water supplies to patients; assures patient cleanliness and comfort.
8.Responsible for providing assistance to clinical faculty during procedures and primary care
B.20%Responsible for providing technical assistance in area of specialization
1.Sets up diagnostic room or area to be utilized, ensuring proper equipment is present
2.Provides technical assistance as needed or requested
3.Assists or initiates preparation of patient for procedure, including transportation of animal to area
4.Assists in restraint and anesthesia when necessary
5.Monitors aseptic technique when used and notifies clinicians and students of breaks
6.Maintains communication and is available to retrieve needed materials and equipment
7.Maintains and cleans equipment; initiates sterilization procedures when needed
8.Notifies clinician of needed maintenance or repairs; initiates and follows through on requests and work orders
9.Works with Central Supply to assure proper care and sterilization procedures are being used, as well as adequate special supplies are available for procedures
10.Participates in cleaning and maintenance and stocking of diagnostic rooms or area utilized for procedure
C.15%Responsible for participating in instruction as needed
1.Assists in instructing professional veterinary students in operational procedures and protocol specific to area or task at hand
2.Assists in providing on the job training of entry level Veterinary Technicians, limited term and student employees
D.10%Responsible for maintaining equipment and adequate inventory of area supplies and cleanliness of facility
1.Instructs appropriate personnel and students on use, cleaning and maintenance of general equipment such as: microscope, centrifuge, refractometer, water blankets, and, slings
2.Instructs appropriate personnel and students on use, cleaning, and maintenance of equipment used in specialty area
3.Monitors use of supplies and restocks as necessary
4.Cleans area, equipment and instruments after use in procedures and when necessary
E.5%Participates in recordkeeping and billing procedures
1.Monitors and/or completes daily patient charge sheets
2.Updates and reviews area logs and medical records
F.5%Participates in technical and support duties as assigned:
1..In all areas of the UWVC in both animal contact and non animal contact related duties (e.g. Medical Records, Reception Area, Central Supply, Pharmacy, Clinical Pathology)
2.Teaching and research laboratories (to include assisting and organizational responsibilities)
3.Working flexible, on call hours and variable shifts

Knowledge and Skills

  1. Knowledge of standards for quality animal nursing care and proper procedures associated with small animal patients.
  2. Knowledge of client relations, history taking, management and maintenance of legal medical records.
  3. Knowledge of and ability to maintain and operate equipment utilized in SmallAnimal Hospital.
  4. Knowledge of inventory, recordkeeping and billing procedures utilized in a veterinary hospital.
  5. Ability to function calmly in stressful, life and death situations.
  6. Strong interest in avian and exotic animals medicine and prior experience with exotic animals is strongly preferred.