University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy ID: 83506

Working Title:TRAINING OFFICER-Spanish/Engli
Schedule - Range:81-04
This is a 60% position. Work schedule will vary across all shifts. Occasional weekend work as needed.

Job Summary:Facilitates and coordinates collaborative design team structure to create, develop, and implement educational interventions for both individuals and the organization. Provide translation and interpretation support to UW-Madison employees. Spanish language proficiency is essential; proficiency in other language preferred. Work schedule will vary across all shifts. Communicates regularly with internal and external groups. Primary assignment is as the Spanish-language point person in Cultural Linguistic Services.

Position reports to the Training Officer Supervisor in Cultural Linguistic Services in the Office of Human Resource Development, Office of Human Resources, UW-Madison. Incumbent also works in collaboration with the Classified Human Resources Office, the Academic Personnel Office, the Equity and Diversity Resource Center, Dean/Divisional Human Resources offices, college units and departments.

This position is often called upon by UW-Madison Human Resources representatives to serve as an interpreter during personnel meetings including investigatory meetings, pre-disciplinary meetings, griveance meetings, and ADA and FMLA discussions. This position performs written translation for management staff related to discplinary actions, FMLA and ADA issues. The intrepretation and translation provided often represents management's position. The services must be done so as to properly represent the employer during grievance meetings and potential litigation.

This position is located in the UW-Madison Office of Human Resources and by its nature and location, the incumbent is privy to confidential records and conversations that directly affect the employer-employee relationship referred to in s.111.81(15) Wis.Stats. and include management activities and decisions that directly affect classified and unclassified staff. The incumbent must use discretion and judgment to manage information flow regarding sensitive and confidential matters relative to the employer-employee relationship and the grievance process, collective bargaining, strategy information, alternative courses of action and management policies, labor relations, possible legal actions, and other potential job actions and options, etc.


Goals and Worker Activities

A.65%Provision of Spanish-language support to employees, and university managers and supervisors to address workplace climate/culture issues when necessary.
1.Assess and evaluate needs of employees, managers and supervisors.
2.Assists employees, managers and supervisors in workplace situations where language communication (specifically in Spanish) barriers are creating misunderstandings and/or miscommunication.
3.Offer short-term Spanish translation support to employees, managers and supervisors during interventions with employees with limited-English proficiency.
4.Provide Spanish translation service to management staff in the implementation of plans that address a wide range of employment relations issues.
5.Perform written translation for management regarding documentation related to disciplinary actions, grievance settlements, or litigation issues.
6.Serve as a Spanish translator and interpreter for non-English speaking employees during investigatory meetings, pre-disciplinary meetings, and grievance meetings.
7.Serve as Spanish translator for non-English speaking employees regarding contract administration and interpretation.
8.Serve as Spanish translator and interpretor for policy issues related to Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA) and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
9.Translate and interpret policy for sensitive issues related to health situations.
10.Intervene with managers and supervisors as issues related to unit and organizational culture and climate arise.
B.25%Identify professional development events and learning opportunities for employees who are also English Language Learners.
1.Collaborate with internal (office staff) and external groups (multiple offices/departments/colleges) to assess and evaluate employee needs.
2.Work with individual employees early in their tenure at UW-Madison to ease entry into the workplace and increase awareness of available campus resources.
3.Work with established employees to increase knowledge of the workplace dynamics at UW-Madison.
4.Create, research, design and present professional development/education workshops for employees at UW-Madison including Workplace Spanish classes for limited-Spanish-proficient employees.
5.Develop summary reports based on effective evaluation and assessment.
6.Complete similar duties on related projects as identified by supervisor and director.
C.5%Demonstrate a commitment to respect and organizational success. Promote respect and the practice of civility in the workplace.
1.Communicate via oral, written, and electronic media with diverse populations in an educational environment.
2.Develop positive working relationships with staff.
3.Develop positive working relationships with collaborative partners and customers.
4.Demonstrate respect for others through personal actions and behavior.
5.Recognize others' achievements and contributions to the workplace.
6.Resolve conflicts in a timely, constructive, and respectful manner
7.Exhibit a commitment to continuous quality and process improvement.
8.Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to change.
9.Demonstrate commitment to customer orientation and excellence through professional actions and behaviors.
10.Lead/initiate improvements in area of responsibility.
11.Lead/initiate improvements in the development of the organizational climate and culture.
D.5%In collaboration with the Classified and Academic Staff Personnel Offices, coordinate campus outreach efforts to individuals and community agencies for all ESL/workplace issues (not related specifically to Spanish-speaking employees).
1.Communicate via oral, written, and electronic media to diverse populations in the community (including attendance at Career Fairs and other community events).
2.Organize campus hiring efforts to promote effective communication with individuals and community agencies (including placement agencies).
3.Represent professional development/learning needs of diverse university employee population through attendance at or participation on departmental and university committees.
4.Other special projects as assigned by Director.

Knowledge and Skills

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in oral and written Spanish and English language.
  2. Knowledge of and experience working with or serving Hispanic/Latino community.
  3. Knowledge of adult learning needs in an educational environment.
  4. Knowledge of project coordination strategies with an emphasis on group facilitation, managing logistics, assessment and evaluation methods, and effective communication methods.
  5. Knowledge of the work challenges associated with the functions of an office with multiple constituencies and also of alternative methods for effectively completing job duties under a variety of circumstances.