University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy ID: 88881

Working Title:PAY & BEN SPEC ADV
Schedule - Range:81-04
7:45 am - 4:30 pm M-F, somewhat flexible

Job Summary:This position is responsible for initiating and processing payroll and related operations and for serving as the benefits coordinator and expert for the Department of Political Science. Political Science payrolls over 150 employees with different rules and regulations to be followed for each different appointment type; faculty, academic staff, classified staff, zero-dollar appointments and students. The Department has a variety of funding sources, many from Federal and non-Federal grants and awards. This requires constantly changing funding commitments to be made on the various appointments. In the role of benefits coordinator, this position supplies benefit information to different classes of employees, each with a unique set of benefits. This is made even more complicated by continuous changes such as leave of absence, sabbaticals, appointment level and appointment type. This individual also provides payroll advice to principal investigators, for merit and budget support to the Department Administrator and Department Chair, and coordinates payroll information with the financial specialist for grant budgets. In support of the Department Administrator, this position drafts appointment letters, processes visas, and creates appointments in the CHRIS and PVL systems.


Goals and Worker Activities

A.40%Coordinate and process department payroll.
1.Responsible for accurately payrolling Department personnel including approximately 40 faculty, 5 academic staff, over 100 graduate assistants (teaching, project, research, fellows, and trainees), 7 classified and LTE, for the College of Letters and Science and the Graduate School.
2.Accurately prepare and submit JEMS forms online as required to reflect accurate appointment levels or changes in the final budget, conforming to Federal, State, and University rules and regulations, the guidelines of the Wisconsin Retirement System and the Social Security Administration, and general payrolling procedures. Make interim adjustments as funds become available during the funding period. Initiate, audit and submit fund changes when necessary due to appointment changes. Clarify ambiguous information with the appropriate personnel as required.
3.Consult with various University offices: L&S Administration, Graduate School Accounting, Research Administration, Central Payroll Processing and Benefits Office and other University department payroll personnel.
4.Using HRS, obtain information necessary to accurately prepare JEMS forms. Interpret policy memos issued by University administration and disseminate such information as appropriate.
5.Examine and correct all funded appointments in cooperation with the Department Administrator for all budgeted staff. Add or change fund and account numbers as required. Coordinate information with all other cross-appointment departments and institutes.
6.Ensure that all new hires (faculty, visitors, graduate assistants, classified personnel and limited term employees) are duly appointed and added to JEMS. Explain payroll schedules and information to new employees.
7.Monitor and take necessary action to assure compliance with the Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986; maintain file of original or electronic I-9 forms. Confirm eligibility of all employees for employment in the U.S. and ensure certification form (I-9) is completed by employee within the 3-day deadline. Update or verify I-9 documentation as needed.
8.Check all personnel forms for accuracy, i.e., W-4, Person File Information, Bank Authorization, Remission of Fees, and Payroll Deducted Tuition Eligibility and forward to Employee Compensation & Benefits office for processing. Resolve any problems that occur.
9.Using HRS, counsel faculty, staff and student employees in preparation of their W-4 forms.
10.Responsible for accurately calculating special payrolls for wage adjustments.
11.Responsible for checking addresses and providing accurate information for all terminated employees to ensure receipt of the W-2 form.
12.Generate check correction form if overpayment occurs. Coordinate and receive payment from employee for reimbursement of overpayment if needed. Send check corrections to Service Center.
13.Generate salary payment transfer request form, providing accurate funding information and justification.
14.Initiate salary advance forms for new employees. Ensure proper processing.
15.Answer questions from employees relative to earnings, miscellaneous deductions, and distribution of checks, including direct deposits.
16.Process summer payrolls for instructional faculty and staff as well as for separate summer funding for faculty who have Graduate School or outside grant funding. Responsible for accurately preparing the "More Than 2/9ths" forms for summer faculty salaries. This process includes checking past summers to ensure that faculty adhere to the Board of Regents policy regarding the maximum number of summer months worked in a three-year period. Summer payrolls are complex, confusing, and time consuming.
17.Audit and enter vacation and sick leave usage for biweekly classified staff payrolls. Check sick leave and vacation summary reports for accuracy. Notify Department Administrator of potential problems.
18.Process short-term staffing appointments. Review employment history and check for Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) eligibility.
19.Disseminate information to foreign appointees on all special requirements relating to Social Security, taxes, and visa status. Adhering to proper policy procedure, verify that documents are in order and assist foreign visiting scholars with visa information as required.
20.Initiate and check zero dollar honorary fellow appointment forms and visa papers, if necessary, which enables visitors to have access to University facilities.
21.Verify grant status to ensure availability of funding requested.
22.Maintain payroll and related records according to UW Archival requirements.
23.Attend seminars, training sessions, and study memos and policy statements to keep abreast of changes in appointment and payrolling procedures. Disseminate information to department faculty and staff as necessary.
B.15%Function as Benefits Coordinator.
1.Counsel new employees, domestic and international, on benefits options provided by the university. Provide appropriate forms and routine information about dates of eligibility. Create and utilize various checklists to ensure furnishing all new employees with accurate information on every benefit option available to them. Supply benefit and application forms or direct employees to website location where these forms can be found.
2.Receive, record and forward all applications for insurance (sometimes including cash or checks), insurance cards and refunds, insurance policies, beneficiary forms and all other forms and correspondence regarding benefits. These must be handled promptly and confidentially. Handle SHIP health insurance waivers when necessary.
3.Notify employees of changes in rates, changes in coverage dates, new insurance availability, open enrollment periods, dual choice enrollment times and other critical benefit information and deadlines.
4.Complete and submt insurance prepayment request form to ECBS for faculty and staff in a timely and accurate manner so as to ensure continuous benefit coverage while on leave.
5.Alert faculty going on leave to changes in coverage and inform them of their responsibility to request reinstatement in the program upon return. Contact faculty returning from leave to ensure that they are informed of re-enrollment deadlines upon their return. Follow-up as reasonable.
6.Maintain official sick leave and vacation/holiday records for classified staff and reconcile with leave accounting system.
7.Coordinate preparation and maintain accurate file of faculty and academic staff monthly vacation/sick leave accounting forms. Enter leave accounting report by deadline. Alert and work with college representative to resolve leave accounting problems as they arise.
8.Audit the list of department employees each May to determine whether multiple deductions for health insurance, life insurance, and other insurances should be taken for the summer months.
9.Manage workers compensation and income continuation claims. Advise and assist employees with claims as possible. Adjust payrolls as needed.
10.Provide information to terminating employees regarding available counseling pertaining to their benefits upon termination, including health insurance and continuation/conversion options. Ensure terminated employees receive information regarding continuation of benefits and direct them to the appropriate ECBS website.
11.Review monthly health insurance cancellation list and initiate reinstatement form when necessary.
12.Participate in the new faculty orientation at the start of each fall semester for new Political Science Department faculty members. The purpose of this seminar is to provide pertinent information about payroll, benefits, University, policies and procedures, and other relevant information.
C.18%Coordinate payroll activities relating to student appointments and benefits.
1.Process graduate student appointments. These payrolls require careful monitoring of appointment percentages, work eligibility forms, and ending dates, especially for non-U.S. citizens. Ensure accurate appointment levels and other payroll information.
2.Work with the Graduate Program Coordintator to ensure timely filing of tuition remissions and third-party deferrals for graduate students. Compile and submit tuition remission eligibility and third-party deferral lists to the Bursar's office each semester verifying that the appointments meet remission requirements.
3.Prior to the beginning of each semester and summer, coordinate with and receive from the Graduate Program Coordinatior a list of graduate students who will be employed as teaching assistants and the courses that they will teach. Verify work loads, the correct UDDS, and the percentages of employment while preparing the JEMS form. Verify the pay category (regular, senior) qualification based on experience and training.
4.Consult with faculty members regarding the hiring of new staff students, including the proper type of appointment, minimum and maximum salary levels, benefit rates and required supporting documentation.
5.Monitor present appointments and notify faculty members of end date and request reappointment information. Screen responses for completeness, such as end date of extended appointment, title, funding source, pay basis, and salary.
D.10%In support of Department Administrator, draft appointment letters, create appointments in PVL and CHRIS systems, process visas, and other duties as necessary.
1.Draft appointment letters for various types of positions; submit to L&S Human Resource Office for approval. Issue official, approved appointment letter to new employee, and make and distribute file copies.
2.Create appointments in the appropriate online HR system. Work with supervisor of vacant position to create an appropriate and complete job description; submit to L&S Human Resource office for approval. Make changes and resubmit as necessary.
3.Prepare and submit required forms and documentation to acquire visas (H1-B, J-1, etc.) for incoming international visitors and employees as needed. Work with IFSS to resolve issues.
4.Prepare and submit required forms and documentation to acquire permanent residency for international employees as needed. Work with IFSS to resolve issues.
E.10%Fiscal Management. Coordinate, process and maintain all financial activities in the Department of Political Science
1.Manage charge back operations, such as postage, copying and costs for affiliated programs within the Department.
2.Review, provide proper justification and assign appropriate funding for all direct-billed invoices including airfare, journal subscriptions and other purchases.
3.Maintain thorough knowledge of UW policies, procedures and documentation requirements. Prepare travel e-reimbursements for employees, non-employees and graduate students using the PeopleSoft e-reimbursement program. Advise current and new faculty in preparing e-reimbursements, approve e-reimbursements
4.Manage arrangements for scholarly symposia and conference sponsored by the department and/or its subunits. Manage travel arrangements for department visitors, including airfare and lodging reservations related to scholarly symposia and conferences.
5.Manage the Department's effort certification process serving as the Effort Coordinator for the campus ECRT system. Serve as the primary resource for questions and problems and as a liaison between campus resources and departmental staff. Responsible for confirming that employee's certification is accurate and appropriate, assessing the need for changes and troubleshooting problems. The Effort Coordinator implements the final step in the effort certification process requiring significant knowledge of the policies, procedures and rules pertaining to sponsored and non-sponsored effort reporting.
F.7%Maintain data, provide information, and other duties.
1.Represent the department at all University payroll and benefit workshops, training sessions, and informational meetings.
2.Attend training offered by the College and the University on new payroll and/or benefit software and/or procedures. Stay current with new payroll and benefit systems.
3.Respond to verbal and written inquiries, in keeping with University policy and procedure, from the Federal Government, other State agencies, credit bureaus, banks, corporations, etc. regarding employment data for current and past employees. Provide salary and position information, responding in a timely fashion, to requests for employment verification from various funding institutions.
4.Develop and update informational material describing benefits and payrolling procedures for each category of employee: faculty, classified, academic and student.
5.Work closely with the department Financial Specialist and the Department Administrator in monitoring salary payout on Fund 101 and on grant funds.
6.Provide administrative support to the department, including typing and mailing correspondence, draft letters and memos, answer telephones and relay messages, photocopy class work and exams, fax documents, etc.
7.Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Skills

  1. Knowledge of Federal, State, University payroll policies and procedures and benefit adminstration.
  2. Knowledge of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and FERPA.
  3. Knowledge of the Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.
  4. Effective written and oral communication skills.
  5. Ability to successfully interact with faculty, staff, and students from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds utilizing positive and well-developed interpersonal and human relations skills.
  6. Ability to work with limited supervision and demonstrate a high level of accuracy and attention to detail.
  7. Knowledge in operation of computers and associated software and hardware. Ability to work with web-based programs. Computer literacy with accounting, spreadsheet, database and other office software.
  8. Ability to produce accurate and timely work under pressure of time requirements; reliable, detail-oriented, able to maintain confidentiality, take responsibility for work and work independently.
  9. Ability to organize effectively.
  10. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  11. Ability to make independent decisions.
  12. Knowledge of acceptable accounting procedures.