University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy ID: 88452

Schedule - Range:07-34
Standard Business Hours

Job Summary:Under the general supervision of the manager of the Operations and Support Services (OSS) unit of the Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS) department, this position provides limited project management, user support, administration, and coordination of workstation lifecycle activities and application systems operating in a multi-server, multi-segment networked environment. This position is responsible for working with our senior workstation technologist to maintain our workstation management tool (currently Altiris Client Management Suite 7) and Windows Group Policy Objects related to workstation function. The incumbent must have advanced-level knowledge of PC and Network operating systems, imaging, patching, security, anti-virus and anti-spam products, networking hardware and network protocols, workstation hardware, common office application software, Altiris 7 or equivalent, and Windows Group Policy. The incumbent will (1) work under general supervision to perform a combination of remote and on-site technical support functions to assist the customer in the specification, planning, installation, configuration, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance and support of their workstation environment; (2) work with our senior workstation technologist manage our Altiris environment including maintaining workstation images, application packages and jobs; (3) assist with creating and managing group policies; (4) demonstrate the ability to manage small to medium sized IT projects.


Goals and Worker Activities

A.30%Workstation Administration and Support
1.Answer the AIMS computer support phone and work with customers to resolve problems or delegate tasks to other AIMS staff as needed. Record call history in automated call tracking software.
2.Assess and communicate to management the workstation, printing, and networking needs of customers to allow them to work effectively.
3.Provision new and replacement computers (laptops, workstations, and thin clients).
4.Provision new and replacement network and locally attached printers.
5.Install and test workstation operating system software, security software, application software, and utilities in accordance with AIMS standards using automated install, imaging and testing tools when applicable.
6.Use WSUS and Altiris patch management services to keep workstation operating system and application patch levels current.
7.Work with customers to maintain an appropriate level of access and logical security on their workstations.
8.Configure and maintain remote access clients for AIMS laptops and remote desktops.
9.Provide advanced level support in diagnosing and repairing problems with the hardware (Dell, IBM, Apple), system software (Win XP, Windows 7, Macintosh OS X), and configuration of workstations.
10.Provide basic support for the PDA functions of Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and iPhone type smart-phones.
11.Use remote management tools to perform majority of workstation management and support functions.
12.Assist in reporting and tracking desktop hardware and software inventories and usage patterns.
13.Work with customers to help recover from loss or corruption of data, hardware failure, or other severe system problems, and implement measures to minimize such events.
14.Provide day-to-day work direction for students and trainee staff in workstation installation and applying help desk problem call fixes.
15.Research, test, and implement new processes, tools and technologies to improve customer support services including workstation lifecycle management, help desk lifecycle call management, user lifecycle management, and applications lifecycle management.
B.20%Application Administration & Support
1.Perform basic user administration and support of AIMS desktop application systems and client software (MS-Office, Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, Adobe suite, Java, Outlook/Exchange, Applix Enterprise, Active Directory, multi-tier web applications.) Perform basic user administration and support of AIMS desktop application systems and client software (MS-Office, Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, Adobe suite, Java, Outlook/Exchange, Applix Enterprise, Active Directory, multi-tier web applications.)
2.Provide advanced level support in diagnosing and repairing application problems.
3.Provide basic user administration and support of a Microsoft infrastructure. This includes Active Directory, and an Exchange email system. Add and delete users and mailing lists and active directory groups, configure and support clients, and perform routine maintenance.
4.Write, update, and review system documentation for application systems.
5.Assist in reporting and tracking application licensing.
6.Review information on new releases of application system software. Document their applicability for and impact on AIMS' network computing applications. Apply patches, install upgrades, adjust system parameters, etc., as needed, and test performance and technical compliance in a test environment. Test functionality with business process impact with local system administrators. Coordinate the delivery of this software with campus departments and software vendors.
C.40%Workstation Management Toolset Maintenance
1.Create new workstation images as workstation models change.
2.Update existing images when necessary.
3.Create new application packages and install jobs.
4.Troubleshoot and fix failing application install packages and jobs.
5.Act as an expert resource for Altiris issues.
6.Create and manage Group Policy Objects when appropriate.
7.Act as an expert resource for workstation related GPOs.
8.Develop and maintain standard desktop configurations for departments.
9.Experience developing PowerShell scripts to manage workstations.
D.5%Project Management
1.Create and executes project work plans and revise as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.
2.Identify resources needed and assigns individual responsibilities.
3.Manage day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope.
4.Apply AIMS' project management methodology and enforce project standards.
5.Assist with improving AIMS' project management methodology and standards.
6.Ensure project documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately.
E.5%Professional Development
1.Keep abreast of technical developments in the field related to all required knowledge.
2.Participate in self-instruction and/or formal classes to learn and maintain required skills and knowledge.

Knowledge and Skills

  1. Experience managing small to medium IT projects
  2. Experience with project management tools
  3. Effective written and oral communications skills
  4. Knowledge and practice of interpersonal skills needed to address potentially difficult situations and customers.
  5. Ability to work in a team oriented, collaborative work environment
  6. Demonstrated technical competence in a customer support environment and knowledge of information systems technology and operations.
  7. General analytical and troubleshooting procedures needed to help users.
  8. Experience with help desk call tracking and incident management applications and concepts
  9. Experience with asset management applications and concepts
  10. Advanced desktop hardware support and concepts
  11. Workstation hardware, particularly Dell and Apple computers and HP printers and scanners
  12. Computer hardware configuration including x86 based PC's, BIOS, ISA, PCI, and SCSI controllers, IDE and SCSI disk, tape and CD-ROM drives,
  13. Installation, configuration, maintenance support, and administration of Windows XP, Windows 7, and OS X
  14. Image creation, maintenance and deployment tools and techniques (e.g. Altiris)
  15. Workstation OS and application patching and maintenance tools and techniques for Windows XP, Windows 7, and OS X
  16. Network and desktop security measures, including Cisco VPN, Windows Firewall, and Firewall concepts in general.
  17. Networking concepts, internet connectivity concepts and wireless networking
  18. Local Area Networking and Data Communications, particularly Ethernet carrying TCP/IP
  19. Internet protocols and technologies, including HTTP, HTTPS, firewalls, FTP, XML, and web services
  20. Software deployment tools (e.g. Altiris, Shavlik, WSUS)
  21. Use of desktop management and remote control software (Timbuktu, Remote Desktop Connector, RHUB or equivalent Ghost, Altiris, WSUS) installing, monitoring, and supporting workstations
  22. Management and support of locally attached and networked printers and print servers
  23. Anti-virus and anti-spyware applications (such as Symantec, Adaware, SpyBot, etc.)
  24. Microsoft's infrastructure technologies (Active Directory, Operating Systems especially Windows XP, Windows 7, MS SQL, etc.)
  25. Understanding of multi-tiered client-server applications
  26. Knowledge of a variety of common desktop applications such as word processing, database, graphics, and multi-media applications (especially MS Office Suite)
  27. Email clients and web browsers (such as Outlook, Eudora and Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, etc.)
  28. Administration and Support of databases (MS SQL Oracle, Access)
  29. Client-server application systems in network environment such as PowerPark, Great Plains, Dynamics, SPAN-FM and Applix Enterprise
  30. Intermediate knowledge of MS Office, MS Outlook, WiscWorld Suite
  31. Data backup and recovery tools and procedures
  32. Concepts of data archiving and disaster planning
  33. Computing trends and developments