University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy ID: 86280

Working Title:Circulation Services Assistant
Schedule - Range:02-11
7:45 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday
Training Period Hours: 9:00 am - 5:45 pm, Monday through Friday

Job Summary:Under the supervision of the Head of Circulation, the Circulation Services Assistant coordinates the operation of the Circulation Desk, including supervising student assistants and completing reports, patron requests and statistics. The Circulation Services Assistant answers directional and basic reference questions. The Circulation Supervisor also coordinates the monitoring program.

Normal working hours for this position are 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. These hours will shift during breaks in the academic schedule and the summer schedule or due to coverage needs. During the training period, which will last up to three months, the selected candidate will work Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 5:45 p.m.

The Law Library is open up to 110 hours per week; including evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, certain holidays and has an expanded schedule during exam periods. The incumbent is expected to fill in during these times when needed. Lunch hours and breaks must be staggered with other unit employees to maintain coverage. Non-emergency leave must also be scheduled in coordination with other unit employees to maintain coverage.

The incumbent is also responsible for building and collections security and maintenance during the absence of supervisory authority and functions with a significant degree of independence in all aspects of decision making and problem solving.


Goals and Worker Activities

A.35%Supervises the Circulation Desk
1.Supervises and maintains the operation of the Circulation unit.
2.Provides Circulation Desk coverage as needed.
3.Responsible for library opening shifts.
4.Enforces library's policies and procedures.
5.Answers user inquiries pertaining to library services and policies.
6.Answers basic reference questions.
7.Resolves patron ID and library account problems.
8.Supervises, hires, trains and schedules the Circulation Desk Assistants.
9.Oversees other student employees, working during the absence of direct supervisory authority, reports problems to supervisors.
10.Maintains an adequate supply of handouts and forms at the Circulation Desk.
B.35%Provides Circulation Services
1.Daily, processes Voyager Circulation reports.
2.Daily, responds to emails to
3.Daily, processes call slip requests.
4.Daily, processes course reserve requests.
5.Maintains course reserve collection, adding required course texts.
6.Creates and updates Moodle course pages as needed.
7.At the end of each semester, dismantles the course reserve collection. updating Voyager records and returning materials to their original source.
8.Daily, processes library card applications.
9.Daily, processes "on-the-fly" charges.
10.Daily, processes search requests, contacting patrons with results.
11.Daily, processes items flagged for circulation or catalog review.
12.Daily, completes virus scans on discharged computer discs.
13.Daily, completes requests for proxy patrons.
14.Daily, completes journal routing requests.
15.Daily, processes new book requests.
16.Daily, completes all other Circulation "in-basket" tasks.
C.10%Assists in providing Copy Center Services
1.Assists users in the operation of copiers, scanners, printers and debit card units.
2.Trouble shoots copiers, scanners, printers and debit card units.
3.Addresses user complaints regarding copiers, scanners, printers and debit card units.
4.Fills faculty and staff and staff debit card requests. Creates debit card permits and maintains records on all transactions. Orders debit cards as needed.
5.Calls for servicing on copiers and debit card units during the absence of direct supervisory authority. Communicates to staff regarding problems with machines and the status of repairs.
D.10%Completes Circulation Statistics and Hours
1.Compiles statistics, including, gate, study room and hours.
2.Drafts library hours and submits draft to the Head of Circulation.
3.Updates answering machine with current hours.
4.Uses in-house Content Management System to post library hours handout.
5.Creates and posts printed hours in designated locations.
E.5%Library Safety and Collections Security
1.Resolves gate and exit alarm problems.
2.Hires, trains and schedules monitors during extended hours, spring and fall semesters.
3.Responsible for building and collection safety and security during the absence of supervisory authority. Contacts UW Police for emergencies. Reports problems to library staff and Building Manager.
4.Reports emergency maintenance problems to physical plant during the absence of supervisory authority. Reports problems to library staff and Building Manager.
5.Hears patrons concerns regarding the safety, security and usability of the Law Library and relays concerns to the proper staff.
6.Monthly, cleans security gate filter.
7.Runs and processes missing and lost reports, as needed.
F.5%Miscellaneous Duties
1.Assists with general department word processing.
2.Creates and posts signs as needed, employing basic layout skills.
3.Keeps adequate office supplies at Circulation Desk, reordering as needed.
4.Updates unit's procedure manuals.
5.Updates unit's intranet web pages.
6.Serves on library committees.
7.Participates in department planning activities and special projects as needed.
8.Assists in evaluation of unit services, suggesting improvements.
9.Assists in any duties or projects related to the function of the library.

Knowledge and Skills

  1. Ability to work flexible schedule.
  2. Knowledge of library circulation functions and automated library systems.
  3. Ability to use word processing and spreadsheet software.
  4. Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  5. Ability to direct and motivate the work of others.
  6. Ability to prioritize and organize multiple tasks simultaneously.
  7. Ability to maintain accuracy with interruptions and maintain confidentiality.
  8. Ability to follow oral and written instructions while meeting deadlines and acceptable work standards.
  9. Ability to meet tense situations with a calm, reasonable approach.
  10. Ability to comprehend, follow and enforce Law Library policies and procedures.
  11. Ability to be well-motivated and demonstrate initiative.
  12. Ability to learn quickly.
  13. Ability to exercise good judgment and make decisions.
  14. Ability to adapt to change.
  15. Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers and patrons.
  16. Ability to work effectively in a cube environment.
  17. Ability to communicate effectively using standard English.
  18. Ability to sit or stand for long periods
  19. Ability to shelve books and push loaded book carts.
  20. Ability to work extended periods on a keyboard and use a mouse.
  21. Ability to lift 40 pounds repeatedly.
  22. Ability to bend, stoop and rise from a kneeling position.
  23. Knowledge of and ability to use: Programmed light system; Barcode scanners; Book carts; Book scanner; Computers; Copier/Scanners; Debit card readers; Debit card wall unit; Desensitizers; Digital recorders; Fax machine; Flip cameras; Microform reader-printer-scanners; Printers; Security gate; Telephone