University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy ID: 84957

Schedule - Range:81-05
M-F 8am-5pm, with the potential for evenings and/or weekends on an emergency basis.

Job Summary:Reporting to the College Library Collection Development Librarian, the Collection Management Supervisor works independently to effectively supervise the day-to-day management of the Collection Management Unit, including first-line interaction and problem solving for reserves, circulation, acquisitions, cataloging, end processing, and maintenance of College Library collections. This position is responsible for the supervision of a minimum of three FTE Library Services Assistants; is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, and supervising student workers; is responsible for managing the staff and workflows of reserves and other course content, circulation and technical operations, and collection processing and maintenance; and is responsible for acquisitions and cataloging for College Library as needed. This is a Monday-Friday position, with night/weekend coverage on emergency basis when required.


Goals and Worker Activities

A.40%Administration of Collection Management Unit
1.Recommend, implement and establish internal operating policies and procedures for the unit with the Instructional Content Librarian, Collection Development Librarian and Circulation Public Services Librarian.
2.Supervise daily operation of reserves, circulation, acquisitions, cataloging, end processing, and maintenance of College Library collections.
3.Delegate duties and responsibilities for reserves, circulation, acquisitions, cataloging, end processing, and maintenance of College Library collections.
4.Oversee reserves and course content services at College Library.
5.In coordination with the Collection Management Librarians, manage workflow analysis and implementation of new content initiatives (e.g. captioning, video streaming, textbook initiatives)
6.Oversee processing of daily and other scheduled collection management reports and coordinate related problem-solving activities.
7.Coordinate materials delivery services (Book Retrieval, Universal Borrowing, Document Delivery) and help with difficult requests.
8.Coordinate collection and catalog maintenance activities, including weeding, mending, shelf-reading, and special projects as needed.
9.In coordination with the Collection Management Librarians, maintain knowledge of available statistical reports and respond to requests as needed.
10.Order supplies and materials for unit; and define and communicate equipment needs.
11.Develop, update and implement back-up schedule and procedures for Collection Management Unit.
12.In coordination with the Collection Management Librarians, collaborate with appropriate campus staff in developing new services, policies, procedures and services. Coordinate appropriate implementation and monitor compliance within College Library.
B.30%Supervision of Collection Management Unit Staff: Library Services Assistant-Advanced (currently 4.5 FTE), and 2-3 student assistants.
1.Coordinate the recruitment, hiring, training and evaluation of classified permanent staff and student assistants.
2.Determine schedules and responsibilities for classified staff and student assistants to meet needs of the unit; approve timesheets and monitor work flow.
3.Prepare, revise, and communicate work rules, performance standards, and procedural directives as needed.
4.Work with the Collection Management Librarians to prepare and update personnel requests, including long-range staffing plans for unit. Revise position descriptions and submit reclassification requests as appropriate.
C.15%Reference and Information Public Service: Provide general reference and information service to the students, faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, patrons from other campuses, and the general public. Responsibilities include introducing undergraduates to the materials available in the library and providing guidance in locating the material they need to complete their research. Reference service includes both answering specific questions and providing personalized hands-on instruction in identifying and using library materials, and includes patrons asking for assistance in person, online or via other remote communication.
1.Interview patrons to identify their reference and information needs and determine the library resources that will meet those needs. Collaborate with and /or refer to College Library staff or campus staff as needs arise.
2.Use the library catalog, article databases, basic reference materials, and Internet resources, including research guides, library and campus web sites, digital collections, etc., as appropriate to assist patrons with their information and research needs.
3.Demonstrate to patrons how to acquire and use information that will meet their needs. When appropriate, teach patrons how to use resources in order to enable independent use.
4.Assist library users in operating a variety of equipment such as computer workstations, printers, photocopiers and scanners. Refer problems through appropriate channels.
5.Introduce students to the library and available information resources through activities such as tours, classes, and one-on-one assistance at the reference/information desk.
6.Direct the work of student assistants working in public service.
D.5%Public Services Circulation: Provide circulation assistance to students, faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, patrons from other campuses, and the general public.
1.Assist patrons in locating books in the library. Assist patrons in using various catalogs to access materials on this campus and from other libraries in Wisconsin and beyond.
2.Assist patrons in identifying material they have checked out, to check on their fines and overdue items, to check on the status of requests, and to renew their materials.
3.Explain and interpret library circulation policies and procedures to patrons; refer complex circulation problems to the circulation supervisors.
4.Assist circulation students with circulation problems.
5.Consult with Memorial Circulation Desk as needed.
6.Serve as a backup for circulation of library materials at the public service desk.
E.5%Security and Emergency Response: Ensure a safe and secure environment for the library¿s patrons, staff, collections and contents.
1.Resolve gate alarm problems by assisting patrons in determining the cause of the alarm.
2.Resolve security problems. Summon security officer and/or outside assistance if needed.
3.Respond to emergency situations. Summon security officer and/or outside assistance if needed.
4.Open and/or close the library as needed.
F.5%Planning and Administrative Support & Staff Development: The primary role of library staff is effective, efficient management of library operations to enhance resource retrieval and use by patrons. Staff members maximize their performance by staying abreast of innovation and developments in information technologies and in library service theory and practice. All participate in the training of staff in College Library operations and services.
1.Oversee the library and student staff in the absence of the unit supervisors.
2.Participate in planning, development and evaluation of library programs and policies for collection maintenance, circulation and reference/information, and other services.
3.Actively plan, develop and participate in training opportunities offered within College Library and the General Library System in order to increase current knowledge and acquire new skills.
4.Attend workshops, forums, conferences, and other opportunities for individual learning.

Knowledge and Skills

  1. Knowledge of Voyager Acquisitions, Circulation and Cataloging modules.
  2. Knowledge of use of OCLC bibliographic records, including search procedures, record selection use in copy cataloging and OCLC-to-Voyager record transfer.
  3. Knowledge of standard copy cataloging procedures.
  4. Knowledge of brief bibliographic record and Voyager order record creation.
  5. Knowledge of vendor selection.
  6. Knowledge of Voyager course reserve functions.
  7. Knowledge of library reserve policies and procedures.
  8. Knowledge of general bibliographic records and formats.
  9. Knowledge of the library circulation policies.
  10. Knowledge of circulation procedures.
  11. Knowledge of the principles of collection maintenance.
  12. Knowledge of policies and procedures for effective, efficient management of library operations.
  13. Ability to work well in a management team.
  14. Effective coordination of multiple services.
  15. Knowledge of methods for effectively communicating ideas and information in written and oral form.
  16. Knowledge of standard policies and procedures for hiring, training, scheduling and overseeing employees and for organizing and evaluating their work.
  17. Ability to delegate work based on daily operational needs and priorities.
  18. Knowledge of the classified staff and student staff payroll system.
  19. Flexibility and creative problem-solving skills.
  20. Excellent customer service skills.
  21. Knowledge of general reference methods, including the patron interview.
  22. Knowledge of policies and procedures for providing effective public service, including public relations and resource identification.
  23. Knowledge of and ability to use print and electronic library resources, including the library's catalog and journal and information databases.
  24. Knowledge of library and University security procedures and ways to handle security problems with diplomacy and emergencies in a safe and efficient manner.
  25. Ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.
  26. Knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, email, calendaring software and other standard office software.
  27. Knowledge of data entry, file management and database structure and design.
  28. Ability to work while sitting at a desk or computer workstation or while standing at a counter for extended periods of time.
  29. Ability to lift and move office supplies and large books.