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Implementation of the UW-Madison Social Security Number Mismatch Policy (05/17/2002)

This is a summary of the procedures for implementing the new UW policy that addresses situations where the UW is informed by a government agency of a possible inconsistency or “mismatch” between an employee’s name and social security number.

* The employee is responsible to identify the reason for a mismatch and to correct it.

* Mismatches can be caused by many legitimate reasons, so it should not be assumed that an employee with a mismatch has done anything wrong or is in trouble.

* When a government agency report informs the UW of an employee with a mismatch, the employee will be informed of the mismatch by a letter from the UW Payroll and Benefits Services.  The letter will contain the employee’s name and social security number as contained in the UW’s records, and asks the employee to compare the name and number on his or her original social security card with the name and number written on the letter.  If they are not the same, the problem may be caused by an error in the UW’s records, and the employee should make an appointment with Payroll and Benefits Services (262-1022 or 267-7571) 21 N Park Street, Suite 5101 to try to correct the error.  If they are the same, the mismatch is not a problem Payroll and Benefits Services or anyone else at the UW can help with, and the person will need to contact the Social Security Administration (270-1141 or toll-free at 800-772-1213), or a personal advisor, attorney or community organization, to determine how best to resolve the situation.

* If the UW receives another government report more than 90 days after the first report, which indicates the employee has not corrected the mismatch, the UW will send a second letter to the employee requesting that the employee correct the mismatch.   If the UW learns from another government report more than 90 days after the second report that the problem has still not been corrected, the employee will be sent a third letter requiring the problem to be corrected within 30 days.

* An employee who has a mismatch will only be subject to termination of employment if the employee still has not corrected the mismatch within the 30 days following receipt of the third letter.  The UW strongly encourages employees not to wait until receiving the third letter to address a mismatch.

* An employee who receives the mismatch letters will not be reported by the UW to any government agency simply because of the mismatch.

* If an employee cannot translate a letter or needs an interpreter for a meeting with ECABS, the employee should be directed to the Office of Human Resource Development (263-1016) for translation or interpreter assistance from one of the HRD Training Officers.   HRD Training Officers can only help with translation and interpreting; they cannot assist with sorting out the reason for the mismatch or advising employees how to respond to a mismatch letter.

* Employees who receive a mismatch letter should only be directed to Payroll and Benefits Services if the name and/or social security number on their original social security card is different than the name or social security number printed on the mismatch letter.

* If a mismatch is caused by immigration problems, the UW, including the HRD Training Officers and Payroll and Benefits Services, cannot help.  Employees with immigration-related problems must work with their own personal advisor, attorney or a community organization to address these problems.

* The UW cannot promise confidentiality to employees who discuss their immigration status with UW representatives, such as HRD Training Officers and Payroll and Benefits Services personnel.

* The complete UW-Madison Social Security Mismatch Policy.